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Esom Won’t Return to Kang Hana in Taxi Driver 2

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Following the success of the first season, Taxi Driver is confirmed to be back with a second season. However, there is one actress who chose to withdraw from the production of the second season.

Reported by JoyNews24, actress Esom is rumored not to be returning to the second season of Taxi Driver. In the drama, he played the prosecutor Kang Hana.

Regarding this news, Artist Company, as Esom’s management, confirmed this. Esom will not be returning to Taxi Driver 2 due to conflicting filming schedules.

“Esom’s return to the second season has been discussed. But it is difficult for Esom to return to the second season because of conflicting shooting schedules,” said management.

It is known, Esom is preparing to appear in a number of acting projects in 2022. Among them are Black Knight, Starlight Falls, and Gil Bok Soon.

Regarding this matter, the production party for Taxi Driver has yet to reveal the fate of prosecutor Kang Hana in the future. So it is still unknown whether the character will be removed or replaced with a new actress.

Taxi Driver is a Korean drama starring Lee Je Hoon, Kim Eui Sung, to Pyo Ye Jin. This drama tells the story of a mysterious taxi company who is willing to take revenge on its passengers.

Those who need the assistance of these taxis are usually the victims of crime who cannot get what the law considers fair.

Lee Je Hoon stars as Kim Do Gi, a taxi driver who runs all revenge agendas. Meanwhile, Esom stars as prosecutor Kang Hana who is suspicious of Kim Do Gi’s services and the mysterious taxi.

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