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Enthusiasm is Higher, Nussa Film Adds Special Show Schedule

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Successfully holding special screenings in 8 cities, the animated film NUSSA has again added its limited screening before its release in theaters on October 14, 2021.

The addition of special broadcasts to be held in 6 cities, based on the great enthusiasm
the public to the previously sold-out special.

NUSSA film special screening, will be held at CGV Festive Walk (Karawang), CGV Sadang
Terminal Square (Purwakarta), CGV Transmart Cirebon, and CGV Kediri Mall on Saturday, October 2
2021. Meanwhile, on Sunday, October 3, 2021, the exciting adventures of Nussa and Rara can also be witnessed
exclusively at CGV Roxy Square Jember, CGV Transmart Mataram, CGV Plaza Mulia (Samarinda).

Fans who are ready to watch the NUSSA film, are expected to immediately order tickets online through the official CGV website. Considering the previous special screening, tickets for the film NUSSA were selling well in many places.

Indonesian Animated Film Industry Breakthrough
At the special broadcast last week, Nussa was flooded with praise by the audience for displaying animation with high visual quality.

Films that premiered in Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival The 25th (BIFAN) in the Family Section category in South Korea is considered to be a breakthrough and a new color for the animation industry in Indonesia.

Telling his impression after watching the film NUSSA in Surabaya yesterday, Poe, a member of UNAIR Surabaya Cinematography said that NUSSA is a breakthrough in the Indonesian animation world, “the sentence that fits this film for me is Indonesian Animation World Breakthrough.

In my opinion, this NUSSA film is overall good and can also be watched by all people.
Having an easy-to-digest message, this film is also supported by good animation,” he explained.

Likewise with Bariq from the Depok Writing community who expressed his admiration for
NUSSA animation. “The animation is champion! One of the animated films by the nation’s children that really wows.”
Bariq explained.
Giving deeper comments on behalf of his friends from Biems Theater Universitas Bunda
Mulia, Amanda said that NUSSA is a simple (but) meaningful animation.

“Finally, there is an Indonesian animated film with a fairly complete package. From the animation, the storyline, the moral message, to the jokes, they are thought out in detail. There are so many messages that can be drawn from this story that is close and easy to understand for all ages.” said Amanda.

Awards for NUSSA Creators The enthusiasm and high appreciation given by the public after this exclusive screening also made NUSSA film creators feel very proud and happy.

Remembering to make animation with good visual quality and story, the creators had to work hard and seriously for more than three years.

The co-producer of the NUSSA film, Ryan Adriandhy said that it wasn’t
it’s easy to produce animations with visuals that can
captivate the eyes of the audience.

In just one scene, the NUSSA film had to be done by hundreds of people. Even five-second scenes require months of creation.

“We present this NUSSA animation to provide quality entertainment for the wider community. So, it is a great honor for us creators to know that many people flock to the cinema to see the work that we have made with our hearts,” he explained.

Ryan hopes that when it is released in theaters, the NUSSA film can be enjoyed by more people. Because this film not only presents the best animation quality by Indonesian children, but also presents a message
good morals, not only for the child audience, but also for adults and parents.

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