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Enliven MWC 2022, realme Introduces 150W Charging Technology

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realme participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 event which was held in Barcelona from February 28 to March 3, 2022. At the event, realme announced that the realme GT Neo3 would be a smartphone with the fastest 150W charging technology in the world.

This technology is able to charge up to 50% in just 5 minutes. In addition, realme also introduced the world’s first 100W – 200W charging architecture named UltraDart. This will make it a comprehensive solution combining speed, security and battery life protection technologies.

As Palson Yi, Marketing Director of realme Indonesia said, realme never stops innovating to provide new experiences for each of its products. And this time, realme brings a new 150W UltraDart technology which will be introduced for the first time on the realme GT Neo3 later.

“We did this to answer the challenges of the market where users always want their smartphones to last longer and charge faster to support their daily activities and productivity,” said Palson Yi.

Fast-charging technology in smartphones has become one of the most significant innovations in recent years and is changing users’ habits about how they charge and use their smartphones. Usually, realme smartphones are equipped with dart charge technology or super dart charge between 18W and 65W.

With this power, the smartphone can be fully charged in less than 35 minutes. In fact, realme is consistently investing in bringing realme Fans the fastest and most efficient charging experience to take the fast-charging experience to the next level.

UltraDart Charging Architecture, also called UDCA, is the latest breakthrough from realme which is the world’s first fastest charging architecture. Amazingly, UDCA can support charging between 100W and 200W with three powerful features, including speed, security and battery life.

UDCA provides the world’s fastest charging experience. In particular, UDCA uses Multi Boost Charge Pumps technology to increase charging current, and allows smartphones to be charged faster. In addition, UDCA also has security features and protection against battery performance.

In terms of security, UDCA helps smartphones to always maintain the temperature at the ideal level while charging. This is because realme’s UDCA has Ultra Heat Management in the form of a Temperature Management Algorithm which functions to keep the thermal temperature below 43°C.

UDCA also provides Ultra Battery Protection. Generally, fast charging technology on the market, often comes at the expense of battery life. However, UDCA uses high-quality lithium batteries to maintain battery capacity at 80%, even after over 1000 charge cycles.

Not only does it show people its latest innovations, realme also promises to bring this technology to mass production soon. realme GT Neo 3 will be the first smartphone in the world to have the fastest 150W fast-charging capability thanks to UDCA.

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