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Enjoy the Excitement of Little Mom’s Teen Drama on Trending WeTV in 10 Countries with the GoPay Promo

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WeTV is an Over The Top (OTT) service developed by Chinese technology company Tencent Holdings Ltd that provides fun and entertaining shows in the drama, film, and reality show categories. It’s easy, from China to the world.

Although the most prominent image of the WeTV streaming service is its Mandarin series, who would have thought that WeTV-exclusive local series could compete to become one of the leading shows that are able to trend even in the trending position of international content. One of them is the WeTV Original Little Mom series which has successfully entered the trending ranks of this streaming service program in 10 different countries at once.

Starring Natasha Wilona, ​​Al Ghazali, Teuku Rassya, and Elina Joerg, the series tells the story of a teenager’s struggles with pregnancy out of wedlock and how he continues to struggle to achieve his goals. Singapore, Brunei and America. In addition, the series which also contains the intrigue of competition and love triangle is also trending in the Netherlands (2), Hong Kong and France (3), Germany (4), Canada (7) and Taiwan (10). This is because the Little Mom series has also opened the way for Indonesian content on WeTV to be increasingly recognized internationally.

Curious as to how exciting Little Mom was to be able to attract international audiences? For those who want to watch it, this is the right time to be WeTV subscription. Because currently WeTV is collaborating with GoPay which is holding a promo games and entertainment. Through GoPay, WeTV subscriptions are made easier and cheaper and more practical. Especially for WeTV, GoPay provides a 90% discount for a maximum of IDR 10,000.

Promo Games and Entertainment

Of course later, it will not only be the Little Mom series, there will be interesting shows on WeTV, there will be many exclusive original series as well as selected series and films that can be enjoyed here. Not to mention the various new events that will be presented in the future. So, what are you waiting for, activate GoPay immediately for top up Google Play you.

Click the banner and application icon below to see the details of each promo.

Promo for New Users

Promo Games and Entertainment

How to Activate GoPay on Google Play

  1. Go to Google Play Store and click Payment Method.
  2. Select Add GoPay as the payment method.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your GoPay PIN. Install the GoPay PIN if it is not already installed.
  5. Yeay! Your GoPay is already installed.
  6. Make in-app and game purchases.
  7. Select GoPay as the payment method and click 1-Tap Buy.

How to Activate GoPay on Apple ID

  1. Open the Settings menu on the iPhone. Click Apple ID and select Payment & Shipping. Sign in using email.
  2. Click Add Payment Method.
  3. Choose GoPay as the payment method. Then, select Log in to GoPay.
  4. Click Continue to continue.
  5. Enter your GoPay PIN.
  6. Safe! GoPay account is already connected with Apple ID.

Not only to pay for Netflix or various other entertainment streaming applications, now what do you want to do, everyone can use GoPay. Want to pay for groceries, order GoFood food, pay for GoRide and GoCar, buy monthly necessities, top up credit & data packages and pay bills on GoTagihan, so that enjoying your favorite entertainment and top up games is even easier using GoPay.

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