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Elephant Village Tour – Location – Rides and Culinary

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Kampung Gajah tourism can be your main agenda when you go on vacation to Bandung for sightseeing. Kampung Gajah Wonderland which can be found in West Bandung Regency, precisely in the Parongpong area, is a popular tourist area.

Apparently this place has become one of the favorite vacation spots for many families who not only live in Bandung, but also those who live in the Sukabumi and Jakarta areas. Don’t get me wrong, Kampung Gajah is not a place where smart elephants are gathered and preserved there, but a tourist location like any other big amusement park. For those of you who want to try to visit Kampung Gajah, here is complete information to listen to.

Location of Wonderland Elephant Village

For those who have never been to Kampung Gajah, you may be a little confused about the exact location of this tourist spot. The best-selling tourist attractions visited by children and adults are located in the northern city of Bandung. This place is not a tourist place to see smart elephants in action, because the theme of this entertainment location is culinary, shopping and tourism. Not only a myriad of rides or games that can be enjoyed in this place, but there are also many shopping places that can certainly be a paradise for women. For those who like culinary tours, there are four restaurant locations in it that can be visited as well.

Location route to wonderland elephant village

When you come from Bandung

Some of you who want to visit may be confused about how to get to this tourist location that does not have elephants at all. However, there are several solutions that might help you reach Kampung Gajah.

  1. From the train station in Bandung, you can also choose to take an angkot that goes to St. Hall goes to Lembang and when you stop at Ledeng terminal, make sure you get off there. Your journey is not finished yet, because you still have to continue by choosing to take an angkot that goes to Parongpong to get to Kampung Gajah.
  2. From Husein Sastranegara Airport, it is advisable to use an angkot that has the Ciroyom-Lembang route. By taking this angkot, you will then pass through the Ledeng terminal and make sure you don’t miss it because you need to stop there. To get to Kampung Gajah, the next trip can be by taking an angkot again, but this time with the direction of Parongpong.
  3. From Leuwi terminal you can take the DAMRI bus to Ledeng terminal. It is at Ledeng terminal that you have to stop and get off, then the journey can be continued by taking an angkot, but this time the angkot that will take you is the one with the direction of Parongpong.
  4. From Cicaheum terminal, please take an angkot that will stop at Ledeng terminal. That’s where you need to get off and then continue again by traveling using an angkot that goes to Parongpong.

If you come from Jakarta

If you are a Jakarta person who needs entertainment with a vacation to Bandung, Kampung Gajah can be explored. No need to worry if you are blind, because there is a way so you can arrive at tourist sites safely without getting lost, as follows.

  • From Jakarta, please head to the toll road with the direction of Bandung which will lead to the Pasteur toll gate where you exit. After exiting the toll gate, your next destination is the Lembang route and for that you need to take the road to the left. Follow the road while looking to the right, if it says Terminal Plumbing, find a road that is right in front of this terminal where the road leads to Jalan Sersan Bajuri. Pass the road in front of the terminal without hesitation, because only by walking straight for about 3.5 kilometers, you will start to see elephant statues. If the statues are already in sight, then surely you have arrived at the location of Kampung Gajah.

Rides and Attractions You Can Enjoy

Kampung Gajah is just a name because this entertainment location does not offer any attractions related to this long trunked animal. If you are interested in enjoying the atmosphere in Kampung Gajah, the following rides are offered and are worth trying to your heart’s content.

1. Sky Rider – Visiting an amusement park is certainly not worth it if you don’t try something challenging. Sky Rider rides will stimulate your adrenaline because the concept of this game is almost the same as flying fox where participants were tested their courage and courage by using safety ropes as support before finally gliding in the air.

2. Futuristic Trains – This one train ride will take you around enjoying the scenery in the Kampung Gajah area. Take it easy because this vehicle is very safe for children and adults.

3. ATVs – If you like playing on bumpy or muddy ground, don’t miss the ATV where you’ll be challenged to conquer the terrain. Invite one more person if you feel less fun to enjoy it alone.

4. Buggy Family – This vehicle is in the form of a car and not only children can ride it, but adults can also enjoy it. The maximum capacity of this car is for 4 people, which of course will be more fun if you drive with your family.

5. Mini Buggy – This vehicle is in the form of a car with a small size that is suitable for the size of a small child, so only children are allowed to drive it. There is a special track that will be surrounded by this toy vehicle.

6. Horse Riding – Not riding an elephant, but this time there is actually a horse riding attraction. Both small children and adults can ride horses around the Kampung Gajah area. Guaranteed safe because there is a handler who will accompany and accompany you or your child.

7. Sky View – Surrounding the Kampung Gajah area from the air is not impossible with the Sky View ride. This hot air balloon ride is a must for those of you who are not afraid of heights.

8. Bumper Boats – The water war with this senggol boat can definitely add to the excitement of your vacation in Kampung Gajah. Don’t worry because this boat is safe even when the “war” happens and you have to collide with others.

9. Aquaboats – This one water ride comes in the shape of a swan and the way to ride it is by pedaling it like when riding a bicycle. With this vehicle you will be able to get around in the middle of the pool. Both lovers and parents and children can choose this ride.

10. Buggy Adventure – This car ride that can accommodate 4 people is for those of you who are adventurous because the design is very tough and strong even though it passes through uneven terrain.

11. Water Boom – For those who want to play in the water to their heart’s content, there is a very large Kampung Gajah-style Water Boom equipped with slides and satisfying rides.

12. Strawberry Picking Arena – For the sake of children’s early introduction to fruits and nature, take them to this arena because tourists are allowed to pick strawberries directly.

13. Children Playground –For the little ones who want to play to their heart’s content, take them to this arena and let them enjoy the seesaw, swing, climbing, and swing with bright bright colors.

14. Sidecar – The shape of this vehicle is at first glance like a motorbike, but on the left and right there are tubs for pillion. This sidecar will be better if driven by parents, while children can ride a ride by sitting in the tub that has been provided.

Restaurants to Visit

After playing, you and your baby will definitely feel hungry. There are a variety of restaurants that complement this large amusement park area. There are several types of restaurants that will help you recharge.

  • Japanese Restaurant
  • Sundanese Restaurant
  • Oriental Restaurant
  • Western Restaurant

Entrance Ticket Prices and rides

To add to the exciting experience at this tourist spot located in Bandung, it is not expensive because visiting on weekdays, namely Monday to Friday, you only need to pay Rp. 10 thousand. Especially on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as holidays, prepare a pocket of Rp. 20 thousand.

The entry ticket price does not include the ticket price to enjoy the rides and attractions offered at Kampung Gajah. Please note that ticket prices for each game are not the same.

  • Prepare money of Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 80 thousand for each ride.
  • If you want to play at Water Boom, prepare a pocket of IDR 75 thousand specifically from Monday to Friday, while on Saturday and Sunday, you need to pay IDR 100 thousand.
  • Or if you want, there is a canal ticket that can be purchased at a price of IDR 200 thousand on weekdays and IDR 250 thousand on holidays and weekends. The purpose of the canal ticket is to be able to experience every attraction and ride in Kampung Gajah.

Hours of Operation for Rides and Restaurants in Kampung Gajah

For rides, here are the opening hours:

  • Open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Open from 8 am to 6 pm on public holidays/holidays and weekends.

For restaurants, here are their opening hours:

  • Open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday.
  • Open from 9 am to 8 pm on public holidays/holidays and weekends.

Advantages of Kampung Gajah

There are several advantages of this one tourist spot that should be considered by potential tourists.

  1. There is a canal ticket for IDR 200-250 thousand. If you intend to play to your heart’s content, it is recommended to buy this one ticket plus come from early in the morning so that all rides and attractions can be explored.
  2. Able to accommodate many tourists with such a large area.
  3. Each ride is very satisfying, as well as the available restaurants.
  4. The queue for each ride is not that long even if you come on a holiday.

Disadvantages of Kampung Gajah – There is one drawback of this Bandung playground that might be a little annoying, namely the queuing system that is less regular because there is no queuing route provided so that some visitors can cheat.

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