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Elected by Acclamation, Bima Arya Leads the Indonesian Trail Running Association

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022 – 13:34 WIB

VIVA – Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya was elected by acclamation as General Chair of the Indonesian Trail Running Association (ALTI) in the National Deliberation and Working Meeting of the ALTI Central Management at Taman Budaya, Sentul City, Bogor, Monday 7 February 2022. On that occasion, Member of the Indonesian Parliament Muhammad Farhan He was also appointed as the Daily Chair of ALTI along with other ALTI central administrators for the 2021-2025 term of service.

“God willing, Kang Farhan and I will share the task in the future to develop ALTI together. For me it’s a new thing, but learning fast, discussions with trail running activists, it turns out to be not only interesting, not only promising but trail running can be a sport what is happening in Indonesia,” said Bima Arya.

According to Bima Arya, ALTI is more than just running because it is in direct contact with nature. “I immediately exited, then discussed what the next steps were because I saw that ALTI was more than just running. That’s different from the others. We talk about nature, we talk about mountains, gardens, beaches, rice fields, rivers and others. This is the main attraction. We are more colorful than ordinary running, “said Bima.

“This is very interesting, very challenging and very intersecting with many factors. It coincides with tourism, the environment. We can be at the front to participate in the SDGs, to campaign about the environment. This is more than just running,” he said.

Meanwhile, Farhan stated, ALTI has a very strong character and dynamics to be able to take part at national and international levels.

“One of the strengths of ALTI is its extraordinary nature and extraordinary running. Hopefully what we are managing now can lead to achievements. Not only achievements to enter KONI, KOI, KORMI but also become one of the sports chosen as sports mainstream by the Indonesian people,” explained Farhan.

In the same place, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Community Recreational Sports Committee (KORMI) Hayono Isman welcomed the results of the ALTI National Conference in Sentul with the election of Bima Arya as the General Chair of ALTI.

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