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Egy Enters FK Senica’s Most Expensive Player, 7 Times Witan’s Price

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Indonesian National Team Player, Egy Maulana Vikri has a market price of seven times that of its compatriot, Witan Sulaeman in FK Senica.

Based on Transfermarkt data, Egy’s market price is estimated at Rp3.04 billion. The market price puts Egy in the top 5 players with the most expensive market price at the club nicknamed Zahoraci.

Egy’s market price tag far outperforms Witan. The player who was loaned by Senica from Lechia Gdansk has a market price of Rp.434.54 million.

This means that the estimated market price for Egy is 7 times the official price given to Witan.

Egy’s own market price is equivalent to that of his three colleagues, namely Gabriel Halabrin, Vaclav Svoboda, and Giannis Niarchos. The three young Senica players also have a market value of Rp3.04 billion.

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The position of the player with the most expensive market price in Senica is occupied by midfielder, Marko Totka and team captain, Petr Pavlik. These two players have a market price of IDR 4.35 billion.

The third place was then occupied by Milan Jurdik. The market price of the Senica attacker is at Rp3.48 billion.

Egy and Witan are currently working hand in hand to make achievements at Senica. Especially for Witan, the young man from Palu received great trust from coach Pavel Sustr with many playing minutes in test matches and official matches.

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