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Drama Thriller Paranoia wins 4 nominations at FFI 2021

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Miles Films is getting ready to release its newest film, Paranoia. The first thriller drama film from director Riri Riza and producer Mira Lesmana will be available simultaneously throughout Indonesia on November 11, 2021, only in theaters.

Today, exactly 1 month before its release in theaters, Paranoia released three stills of the scene.
Each scene shows a strong thriller drama genre.

From the three footages of Paranoia released today by Miles Films, apart from the strength of the actors, Riri Riza’s directing expertise and excellent sound design strengthens the tense thriller drama genre.

There are 3 snippets of scenes shown

First snippet is a scene where the character Gion (Lukman Sardi) enters a house forcibly at night. He looked furious when he found the house had been abandoned.

Lukman Sardi appears convincing as a character full of anger and revenge who seems ready to pursue whatever he is looking for.

Next snippet is a tense scene. The character Dina (Nirina Zubir) looks panicked and rushes to put things in the trunk of the car. In the car is Laura (Caitlin North-Lewis), her child who looks tense.

It looks like they are trying to escape. Dina tried to start the car many times but to no avail. He had a panic attack and was pounding the steering wheel hysterically.

Nirina Paranoia

The third scene snippet shows the interaction of Laura (Caitlin North-Lewis) and Raka (Nicholas Saputra). The scene opens with Laura secretly unpacking the contents of the table inside Raka’s villa. Without him realizing it, Raka was already at the villa door to catch him. This trailer shows a very interesting interaction of two actors from different generations. Nicholas Saputra looks different from the characters he has played before.

Nicholas Saputra Paranoia

The strength of the film Paranoia is proven by the Citra Cup nominations for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Female Actor and Best Sound Producer from the Indonesian Film Festival. 2021.

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Paranoia is a film with a new approach for Miles Films, it is an honor to be nominated for Best Feature Film at FFI 2021. Thank you to the 2021 FFI Nominated Jury for the appreciation,said Mira Lesmana.


Paranoia movie starring Nirina Zubir, Nicholas Saputra, Lukman Sardi, and Caitlin North Lewis it will be a satisfying dish for those who want to experience the main cinema experience again in the cinema.

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