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Don’t take it for granted! These are 5 mistakes when brushing your teeth that are rarely realized

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Brushing or brushing teeth is a routine activity that you do every day. The benefit of brushing your teeth is to clean your mouth from dirt and food residue so you can avoid various diseases.

But when an activity is ingrained and automatically carried out, sometimes you can make mistakes without realizing it. It’s the same with brushing your teeth. There may be bad habits that are rarely realized because they have become part of the routine.

So, What are the mistakes that often occur when brushing your teeth and are rarely realized?? Come on, see the following explanation!

Brushing Teeth Too Soon

ToothacheIllustration of brushing teeth/Photo: Pexels

Beauties, do you brush your teeth in a short period of time? It turns out that this includes mistakes in brushing teeth that most people still do. you know!

Maybe you brush your teeth too briefly because you are in a hurry and have a busy life. However, taking the time to maintain good oral hygiene is very important. Because the mouth area can store a lot of germs. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you brush your teeth properly.

“A lot of times, people only brush their teeth for 30 seconds, which is too short,” Payal Bhalla, principal dentist and clinical director of Quest Dental told the BBC. UK Metro.

So, how long is the recommended time to brush your teeth? Bhalla said that the ideal time to brush your teeth is at least 2 minutes. This is necessary to ensure that you brush your teeth properly so that plaque and food debris can be removed completely.

Not Cleaning the Tongue

When brushing teeth, most people only clean the teeth. Though the tongue is also an important part that must be cleaned. Because the tongue can accommodate a lot of bacteria and germs. If not cleaned properly it can cause bad breath.

“After brushing your teeth, brush your tongue to remove dirt stuck to the tongue. You can also use mouthwash because this will help clean the entire mouth and tongue and remove bacteria and plaque left behind,” said Bhalla.

Brushing Too Strong

Come on, brush your teeth 3 times a day to reduce the risk of heart attackIllustration of brushing teeth/ Photo: beautynesia

Many think that brushing your teeth vigorously is effective for removing dirt and food residue in the mouth. But instead of brushing your teeth too vigorously, it is advisable to focus on brushing all areas of the mouth.

“In addition, brushing your teeth too hard can actually cause damage to tooth enamel. It can also cause tooth sensitivity or gum problems because brushing your teeth hard can cause the gums to shrink or bleed,” said Bhalla.

Rarely Change Toothbrush

The condition of the toothbrush must also be considered because if it is too long there is a risk of accumulating a lot of bacteria.Toothbrush illustration/Photo: Freepik

Beauties, how often do you change your toothbrush? According to Bhalla, ideally replacing a toothbrush every three months. If you use an electric toothbrush, the brush head must also be replaced.

After using it for a certain period of time, of course, a manual toothbrush will lose its ability to clean teeth effectively. One of the signs that a toothbrush needs to be replaced is when the bristles are wide.

Brushing Teeth in the Same Pattern

Brush your teethIllustration of brushing teeth/Photo: Freepik

When brushing your teeth, there are several main movements and patterns that dentists recommend. This is to ensure that every area of ​​the tooth can be thoroughly cleaned.

“If you always brush your teeth in the same pattern every day, for example starting from the top left and ending at the bottom right, then there’s a high chance that there are areas that haven’t been cleaned,” said Bhalla.

To overcome this, you can change the pattern of brushing your teeth from what you usually do. Try to brush your teeth thoroughly and clean hard-to-reach areas. Remember, brushing your teeth is not clean, yes, Beauties! Make sure that all parts can be cleaned properly.

Those are some mistakes when brushing teeth that are rarely realized. Which mistakes do you make most often, Beauties?


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