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Don’t miss A World Without airing today

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Fans of fantasy genre films as well as fans of today can fulfill their preferences, because today is the premiere of a feature-length film Nia Dinata premiere.

This film answers curiosity, after the news that in 2020 Netflix officially collaborated with two female filmmakers to make Netflix original films that carried about Indonesia and also became a beacon for long-term investment programs for Indonesian films.

In this film, you will find many elements of women’s power, no wonder because the manufacturing process is quite time-consuming.

Compiled story scripts Nia Dinata together Lucky Kuswandi (Ali & Ratu-Ratu Queens) , traveling since 2018 . Nia Dinata feels deep anxiety, when she sees how social media, and it can also be mentioned several media, have changed their function, thus making them one of the elements to spread an ideology.

This social condition, so easily seeps into social media users and followers of some of these media, causing them to trust whatever is contained in the platform.

This anxiety made Nia Dinata and Lucky Kuswandi moved to dig deeper and show it in a long film that is simple but contains a message, for those who want to discuss the message, of course it is very much expected. But if you just want to make it as a mere spectacle, of course, you are expected to enjoy it leisurely.

Considering that the film A World Without will be broadcast today globally in 190 countries, of course, Indonesian elements are also well mixed during the shooting process, apart from the issues that will be relevant globally.

A World Without

In a press conference held online some time ago. It was also revealed that the time setting in the film A World Without is the future, exactly 10 years after the COVID pandemic hit.

Elements of dystopia, too, can be easily found here, by depicting a city or place that contains a corrupt government or society.

No less interesting, in Indonesia there are no themed films life coach for young people , tailor made in depth .

This is also the main attraction for the players, including Amanda Rawles, Maizura, Asmara Abigail, Chicco Jerikho and Ayushita.

When reading and workshop each feels the need for a certain effort in order to show the best acting for the characters they play.

Curious, with the storyline, characters and also the implied message contained in this A World Without film? Don’t miss today on the Netflix platform, the Netflix original A World Without

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