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Do you want to watch Blackpink The Movie?

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For fans of Korean Girl Group Blackpink, get ready to hunt for Blackpink The Movie tickets. The film, which was made in celebration of their group’s 5th anniversary, which is also a big project for this girl group consisting of Jisoo, Jenie, Rosé, and Lisa, has opened its presale since Wednesday, September 22, 2021 and will soon be screened in CGV theaters on Wednesday. , October 13, 2021. Interestingly, as of September 26, 2021, thousands of tickets have been sold.

Blackpink The Movie comes in 2D, ScreenX, and 4DX formats. Para Blinks or Blackpink fans can already get Blackpink The Movie tickets through the CGV website or application, as well as other platforms such as GoTIX, TIX ID and Shopee.

This film will feature various segments including “The Room of Memories”, “Beauty”, as well as “Exclusive Interviews”. “The Room of Memories”, will tell about Blackpink’s career journey for the past 5 years, while in the segment “Beauty”, viewers will be taken in interesting stories that will be told directly by the members, and in the “Exclusive Interviews”, Blackpink members will share a special message with their fans.

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Shared Tickets for Special Shows and Regular Shows

Ticket prices are divided into 2 categories, namely Special Show and Regular Show. For every purchase of a Special Show ticket, the audience is entitled to an exclusive CGV Film mark with photos of Blackpink members.

Special Show is present at CGV Grand Indonesia, CGV Central Park, CGV Lagoon Avenue, CGV 23 Paskal, CGV Paris Van Java, CGV Teraskota, CGV Depok Mall, CGV Marvell City at a price of IDR 200,000 for the 2D Auditorium Type, IDR 240,000 for the 4DX Auditorium type and SCREEN X.

Then for the Special Show which took place at CGV Hartono Mall, CGV Panakkukang Square, CGV Palembang Trade Center at a price of Rp. 150,000 for the 2D Auditorium Type, and Rp. 175,000 for the 4DX Auditorium type.

Regular Show tickets are also available in Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok, Surabaya, Samarinda and Balikpapan at a price of IDR 150,000 for the 2D Auditorium Type, IDR 190,000 for the 4DX Auditorium type and IDR 175,000 for the SCREEN X Auditorium type.

Meanwhile for cities other than those mentioned above, the regular show ticket price is IDR 100,000 for the 2D Auditorium Type, and IDR 125,000 for the 4DX Auditorium Type.

Order Links:

For Regular Show Tickets (Ticket Only) you can also order at
For Special Show Tickets (Ticket + CGV Film Mark) you can also order at


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