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Do you know? Nussa animated film made for the big screen

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Using animation technology that has been developed in such a way, the animated film NUSSA directed by Visinema and animation studio The Little Giantz will provide the best viewing experience in theaters.

Developed for more than 3 years by animators, artists, and engineer Indonesia; The NUSSA film, which is equipped with high-quality audio and animation, is ready to welcome friends in its fullest format in theaters on October 14, 2021.

The following are comments from Angga Dwimas Sasongko as executive producer

In addition to trying to provide the best viewing experience by releasing NUSSA films in theaters, one of the
the reason why he and his team released NUSSA in theaters was to respect the film’s distribution channels.

NUSSA films were made with the aim of the big screen. We (Visinema and The Little Giantz) would like to appreciate the distribution roadmap that has been the foundation of the Indonesian film industry“said Angga.

Presenting #NussaForAll Visinema and The Little Giantz also apologizes to NUSSA’s friends, especially Indonesian families who are hindered from watching NUSSA films with their children at the cinema.

Seeing the release of the latest poster and official trailer some time ago, many parents regretted the release of the NUSSA film in theaters; while their children have not been able to watch because they are hindered by the applicable health protocols.

On behalf of Visinema and The Little Giantz, Ricky Manoppo NUSSA film producers promise to keep trying to bring NUSSA to all Indonesian families.

Currently, we are trying our best so that after screening in theaters, the film Nussa can be watched together by all Indonesian families.
However, for those who have been vaccinated and are over twelve years old, let’s watch NUSSA in its best quality at the cinemap.”

Nussa Animated Film; can be watched and enjoyed by all people and ages. Those who want to reminisce about their childhood at school or miss the memories of playing with friends, can certainly enjoy NUSSA.

For animation lovers, of course, it is also mandatory to watch the NUSSA film, which as a whole was done by original Indonesian creators.

Regarding the continuation after showing in theaters, the development will continue to be updated via social media @filmnussa. Hopefully in the near future, all Indonesian families will be able to watch the film NUSSA.

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