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Do you know, 5 things that distinguish Squid Game from other survival shows?

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Netflix’s latest Korean series Squid Game has successfully stolen the world’s attention. Telling the story of humans who need money and participate in deadly children’s games, the series is widely talked about thanks to its unconventional aspects of survival.

If you’re interested but haven’t seen it yet, here are a few things that set Squid Game apart from other survival shows.

Stories about choices

Photo credit: Netflix

Unlike other survival shows, the Squid Game participants participate on their own free will. Even though they didn’t know at first that lives were at stake, they continued to play even after realizing it. Their choice illustrates how great their sense of desperation.

Deep theme

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At first glance, the Squid Game may feel tense every time a new game is introduced and the participants fall down one by one. But actually, this bloodshed aims to highlight a deeper meaning. According to Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game symbolizes the capitalism of modern society trapped in fierce competition. Beyond all the excitement, it turns out that there is a deeper philosophical value.

childhood games

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Children’s games are also one of the unique things about Squid Game. Most of the survival genres focus on brain power or physical prowess, but Squid Game focuses on relatable Korean children’s games like ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Even if you’ve never done it before, the rules are very easy to understand and viewers can focus on other interesting elements in the series.

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Emotional attraction

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A show usually only highlights one or two protagonists who will have the full support of the audience.

However, Squid Game features various characters that can touch the emotions of the audience.

The participants come from different backgrounds, but are united by a common desperation that makes them willing to risk their lives to win cash prizes.

Watching their stories unfold one by one and the friendships formed in the midst of difficult situations, our emotions will be drained.

Aesthetic Design

Photo credit: Netflix

There are many survival genre shows that depend on special effects.

Meanwhile, Squid Game actually uses large-scale colorful sets to resemble a large playground.

The pink masked workers’ suits, green players’ clothes, and pastel color settings make every scene interesting to look at. This bright color combination and gigantic setting also provide a spectacular backdrop for the deadly children’s play in Squid Game.

That’s what makes Squid Game different from other survival shows

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