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Do not miss! Animated Film “NUSSA”

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NUSSA is ready to enliven Indonesian cinemas starting October 14, 2021.

The film, produced by animation studio The Little Giantz (TLG) and Visinema Pictures, offers viewing
animation with quality pictures and stories that invite admiration from the audience.

NUSSA film producer, Anggia Charisma said that this film was made seriously with the support of technology and many talented young Indonesian talents in the field of film and animation.

Can be the choice of Indonesian audiences to return to the cinema, the story in the film NUSSA is also made by prioritizing aspects of values ​​and positive messages. So that it is hoped that apart from entertaining, NUSSA can also have a positive impact on the community.

“We made the NUSSA film with an attractive animation display. In addition, NUSSA also has many
message for everyone. Starting from gratitude, sincerity, friendship, to the existence of family. The hope is that the NUSSA film will not only be the entertainment of choice for Indonesian families, but
It also provides education,” he said.

For adult audiences, of course seeing Nussa’s journey with friends can give a sense of nostalgia when she was a child. The times when you are adventuring and playing with friends.

NUSSA is here for the family
The film, directed by Bony Wirasmono, tells the story of Nussa, an intelligent child aged
A 9 year old who participates in a science competition at his school to make his father proud.

However, his rocket experiment fails and attention falls on Jonni’s rocket, the new kid at school at once
competition for him.

With a variety of issues raised, one of the voice actors for the film NUSSA, namely Asri Welas said that the NUSSA story tried to be relevant to family problems that occurred in the general public. “In my opinion, this is content that everyone should watch, so that we can all learn. Because this NUSSA film is good and very close to our daily lives,” he said.

Indonesian Family Support

Nussa animation
In addition, actor Alex Abbad who took part in voicing the character Abba (Nussa’s father)
Said that he was proud to be one of the voice actors in the film. “NUSSA animation film is one of the great breakthroughs in the film and animation industry in Indonesia. With eye-catching visuals and implicit moral values; I feel proud to be a part of the NUSSA film,” he explained.

The support of the Indonesian people in appreciating the NUSSA film has been seen since the special screening which took place in dozens of big cities. Tickets were sold on a limited basis, sold out well. For the support and appreciation that has been given by the community, the Co-Producer of the NUSSA film, Ryan Adriandhy express gratitude and thanks. Ryan hopes that when it’s released in theaters it’s a movie

NUSSA can be enjoyed and liked by more people.
“We present this NUSSA animation to provide entertainment through the medium of quality animated films. So, it’s a big honor for us creators to know that many people go to the cinema to watch the animated works that we make with all their hearts,” he explained.

When watching the NUSSA film in theaters later, of course, you must prioritize health and safety by following the health protocols that apply in each cinema. Only those over the age of 12 with yellow and green categories on the app careprotect Only those who can enter the cinema area.

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