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Do BTS Members Have Plastic Surgery? This Expert Says | Indonesian media

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The vocal group from South Korea, BTS is at the peak of its popularity. BTS fans are scattered in many countries of the world.

Apart from the song, one of the factors for the large number of BTS fans is the appearance of the iconic members. They have beautiful faces and almost perfect.

However, the beautiful faces of the BTS members actually made many people suspect that they had done plastic surgery. Although many of their fans believe that it is the real face of the BTS members.

In response, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, USA, has his own opinion. Reporting from, (8/2), the plastic surgeon, who did not want to be named, stated that the average BTS member’s face had undergone an overhaul.

“From my professional perspective, the changes are not massive. But something has been done to their faces,” he said.

He stated that each member has a different touch of plastic surgery on his face. Starting from the eyes, nose, to the cheeks.

Some of them are members named Rap Monster who are suspected of having plastic surgery on his nose. A member named Suga did surgery on the eyelid.

Member J-Hope is believed to be the member who has undergone the most plastic surgery. Starting from the eyes, nose, to the mouth and massive teeth whitening.

Meanwhile, members Jin, Jimin, and V are believed to be the members who undergo the least facial changes. Especially V who is believed to have not even had plastic surgery at all. (OL-15)

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