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DMZ Trailer Reveals Dawson’s Rosario Exploring Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan

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HBO Max have announced the release date and released the first trailer for their limited series entitled DMZ. The series is based on the graphic novel of the same name and stars Rosary Dawson (Dopesick, The Mandalorian). DMZ will be coming to the streaming service on March 17th.

DMZ, whose source material was created by writers Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli, is set in a future with a version of the United States that has been torn apart by the second civil war. The series follows a medic (Dawson) who must sneak into Manhattan, which has been turned into a demilitarized zone, to reunite with his son after the two were separated when the city was evacuated.

Through the trailer, we see Manhattan in ruins. A city full of crumbling buildings, overgrown with weeds. We also see the extent to which Dawson’s character is willing to sacrifice to find his son. He must sneak into the city and avoid gunfire and warring factions. Another obstacle in his path is a powerful gang leader, played by Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order), who rules through fear—he rises to power when the city becomes a demilitarized zone and chaos erupts. The city is full of violence and danger around every corner, but Dawson’s character is ready to fight it all.

Apart from Dawson and Bratt, DMZ also stars Hoon Lee (See), Freddy Miyares (The L Word: Generation Q), Jordan Preston Carter (The Haves and the Have Nots), and Venus Ariel (NCIS: New Orleans). The series will also feature guests such as Rutina Wesley, Nora Dunn, Jade Wu, Rey Gallegos, Mamie Gummer, Agam Darshi, Juani Feliz, and Henry G. Sanders.

DMZ is a four-episode limited series from executive producer Ava DuVernay who also directed the first episode, the other three being directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, who has directed series such as The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Raised By Wolves. The series was adapted for television by Roberto Patino, who has been involved in Westworld and Sons of Anarchy. Patino also serves as executive producer on the series alongside Paul Garnes, with Carly Wray.

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