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DKI Jakarta KONI Musprov Asked Not to Violate the Working Meeting’s Decision

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Sunday, February 20, 2022 – 17:24 WIB

VIVA – Chairman of the DKI Jakarta POSSI Pengprov, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin questioned the decision of the DKI Jakarta KONI Plenary Meeting regarding the advancement of the time for the Provincial Deliberation (Musprov) to March 12, 2022. Due to the work meeting (Raker) which was attended by all members, the schedule was set for March 27, 2022 .

This agenda is the moment to elect the new Chairman of KONI DKI Jakarta. And the process must clearly be in accordance with what has been established in the previous official forum.

“Remember that the Raker decision is the second highest decision after Musprov. So, it is not permissible to arbitrarily advance the schedule that has been set in the Raker by only going through the Plenary Meeting. In Article 31 paragraph 1 the meetings in the AD/ART it are clearly stated that the Raker is more higher than the plenary meeting. So, the KONI DKI Jakarta Musorprov must be carried out according to the Raker decision, namely March 27, 2022,” said Ngabalin.

Ngabalin admitted that the change in schedule was conveyed by the Chair of TPP 7, Aldwin Rahadian when he accompanied Julizar Idris to register, February 14, 2022. But at that time he was reluctant to ask because he understood that the task of TPP 7 was only to convey the results of the plenary meeting.

“Why is this suddenly being held in a Plenary Meeting to advance the schedule of Musprov. Is there a very urgent force majeure so that a Plenary Meeting is held? If Covid-19 is the reason for its implementation, it is not being pushed forward but postponed because the government is currently implementing PPKM level 3, “said Ngabalin.

It was the Chairman of KONI DKI Jakarta, Djamhuron P Wibowo who issued an official notification letter that the implementation of the Musprov KONI DKI Jakarta will be held at Century Park Hotel Jakarta, Saturday, March 12, 2022.
The reason for this was due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. And it was decided to hold a hybrid ecara (offline and online).

Each active member of the DKI Jakarta KONI can give a mandate of 3 (three) people. Namely, as many as 1 person who attended directly (offline) at the location of Musorprov XII KONI DKI Jakarta. While 2 other people were present virtually (online).

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