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Director Reveals Plans for Season Two of All of Us Are Dead

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All of Us Are Dead instantly became the most popular Netflix series in the world. Director Lee JQ also revealed his plans to continue the series into a second season.

In an interview with Wikitree recently, Lee JQ revealed the possibility of making a second season given the popularity achieved by All of Us Are Dead at this time. Although they really want to continue the story into a second season, there is still no confirmation from Netflix about these plans.

“If the first season continues to gain popularity in the long term, I think there is a possibility to continue it into the second season,” said Lee JQ.

“Personally, I really want to make a second season. But until now there is still no official confirmation,” he continued.

Even so, Lee JQ has prepared a storyline that in the end All of Us Are Dead really returns with a second season. If in the first season the focus of the story was on the comparison between teenagers and adults, the second season the director wanted to focus on the lives of human survivors and zombies.

“If the first season of All of Us Are Dead showed comparisons and contrasts of how teenagers and adults deal with zombie attacks, in the second season I want to show a comparison between human survivors and zombies,” explained Lee JQ.

It is said that not all zombies in All of Us Are Dead become monsters that attack humans. There are some of them who are immune, and can still talk like normal humans but still need blood.

(Spoiler alert!)

In episode 11, one of the main characters, Lee Cheong San, is said to have died after fighting with the antagonist, Gwi Nam. Many viewers were disappointed by Cheong San’s death and hoped that he would return in a second season.

Regarding this, director JQ made a comment. He admits that he has plans for Cheong San, but he can’t reveal it yet.

“If Cheong San lives again, I think many viewers will not be able to accept it but there must be some who are happy. We already have a plan, but it’s difficult to share it now,” said the director.

“I already have an idea what it will be like if all the actors, including Cheong San, appear in the second season. Of course there will be more plot twists than the first season,” he concluded.

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