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Did You Know: Hallyu, the Korean Wave Phenomenon That Shakes the World : Okezone Education

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JAKARTA – The Korean Wave or commonly called Hallyu is a global phenomenon of South Korean culture. As is known now there is not a single country in the world that does not know Korean culture.

The Korean Wave products include music (K-pop), drama (K-drama), film (K-film), fashion (K-fashion), food (K-food) and beauty (K-beauty), which are forms of a cultural industry based on the production and dissemination of art, folklore, and customs from South Korea.

The Korean Wave has become a means of South Korea’s diplomacy with other countries. South Korea is included in the ranks of thirty countries in the world that have soft power. This is quoted from LIPI Indonesia’s Instagram. ⁣⁣


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The South Korean government is considered successful in promoting its popular culture through media such as dramas, films, and songs. The Korean Wave phenomenon not only appears as a cultural influence, but also makes South Korea look more friendly and familiar among countries in Asia.


The most obvious Korean Wave cultural phenomenon occurred some time ago, where a fast food restaurant collaborated with K-Pop idols BTS or Bangtan Boys, who are currently becoming idols in the world, launching BTS Meal. This collaboration became a moment of euphoria for the fans (Army), especially for fans in Indonesia. ⁣⁣

Korean culture that is popular in the media is regularly identified as a source of soft power. In this regard, South Korea has also succeeded in doing so both at the regional and international levels. Korean Wave has its own charm to be used as a reflection of national pride.

South Korea’s economic improvement through popular culture products such as Hallyu has enabled South Korea to become a donor country for international organizations such as WHO, Unicef, and IVI with a total of USD 40 million compared to 2005 which was only USD 2 million. By becoming a donor country, South Korea has great potential to build soft power and exert its influence on world problems.

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