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Diabetes Gymnastics and Other Supporting Exercises

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There are various ways to maintain fitness and control blood sugar for diabetics. One of them is by doing diabetes gymnastics and other supporting exercises, ranging from leisurely walks, yoga, and taichi.

In addition to a healthy diet and the use of medication, regular exercise is also an important step in managing diabetes. Various types of exercise are known to control blood sugar and improve insulin performance, thus supporting the success of diabetes treatment.

Diabetes Gymnastics and Other Supporting Exercises - Alodokter

The type of exercise that is recommended for diabetic patients is generally adjusted to the age, daily activities, and general condition of the patient. However, patients are generally advised to exercise for about 20-30 minutes or at least 150 minutes per week.

Of the various types of sports that exist, diabetes gymnastics is one of the sports options that can be done easily.

Various Exercises to Support Diabetes Gymnastics

Other exercises that can be done by diabetics besides diabetes exercise are tai chi exercises. Tai chi exercise is a form of exercise that is very beneficial for health.

This body art originating from China is in the form of exercises or sports movements that combine body movements, breathing and meditation. Tai Chi is also different from other exercises because the movements of Tai Chi are slower. Tai Chi exercises focus on the harmony of movement and breathing.

Various studies have proven that tai chi exercises can help increase the body’s metabolism, support the effectiveness of the performance of the insulin hormone, and control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

In addition to diabetes exercise and tai chi, yoga is also a good choice of exercise for diabetics. Yoga practice is known to be good for building flexibility, strength, and balance in the body. Yoga can also reduce stress and improve nerve function and mental health.

Several studies so far have proven that yoga can improve blood glucose levels, increase muscle mass, and control weight. Besides being able to help reduce and control blood sugar, yoga is also useful for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Not only that, there are still many choices of exercise or other good sports to support diabetes treatment, including:

  • Leisurely strolling
  • Bicycle
  • Swim
  • Dance or dance
  • Pilates
  • Weightlifting

Tips for Safely Performing Diabetes Gymnastics and Other Supporting Exercises

To minimize the risk, there are several things you need to consider before doing diabetes gymnastics or other exercises, including:

  • Check your blood sugar before and after the various diabetes exercises above or other exercises to see how your body responds to the exercise you are doing.
  • For patients with type I and II diabetes, make sure your blood sugar levels are below 250 mg/dl before exercising. This is because exercising when your blood sugar level is above this value can lead to dangerous ketoacidosis.
  • Warm up and cool down for five minutes each.
  • Drink enough water before, during, and after exercise to prevent dehydration.
  • To prevent hypoglycemia, prepare something that can quickly raise your blood sugar levels, such as candy, glucose tablets, or juice.
  • Wear shoes and socks that are comfortable and cover your feet.
  • Stop your sports activities when you feel dizzy or short of breath suddenly.

For maximum results and minimizing risk, consult your doctor first before doing various sports activities, either diabetes gymnastics or other supporting exercises.

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