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Dewa United Says After His Perfection at IBL 2022 Was Ruined by West Bandits

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Monday, January 31, 2022 – 23:33 WIB

VIVA – Dewa United Surabaya’s perfection in the 2022 Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) must finally be tarnished. Dewa United’s five consecutive wins were stopped by West Bandits Solo.

In the duel at C’Tra Arena, Bandung, Monday 31 January 2022, Dewa United surrendered 73-93. They have to admit a 20-point advantage belongs to the West Bandits.

Actually, Andika Saputra’s foster children gave fierce resistance. Dewa United was able to make the first quarter ended in a 26-26 draw.

However, slowly the performance of Jamarr Andre Johnson cs declined and continued to fall behind until the match ended. They also had to settle for only picking one point in this match.

“Our game plan didn’t go well. Our rhythm followed the West Bandit, in the end there were many errors,” said the coach who is familiarly called Bedu in a press statement received by Dewa United. VIVA.

However, Bedu emphasized that this defeat was not the end of everything. The mentality of the players is trying to be maintained in order to return to the maximum in the next match.

“Today’s game we learn a lot to evaluate for the future. This doesn’t mean we lose, tomorrow is the end of the world. The league is still long, so we have to evaluate a lot and how to motivate the children to stay good,” he said.

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