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Detective Keeps Distance, makes Marthino Lio act comedy

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Welcoming the reopening of cinemas for Indonesian audiences, Seven Sunday Films in collaboration with Temata Studios announced the production of a new film, “Detetif Jaga Distance”.

This comedy-drama genre film is planned to hit theaters in February 2022.

The film will star Marthino Lio, Bima Sena, Hana Malasan, Tubagus Ali, Givina Lukita with special appearances from Debby Sahertian and Unang Bagito.

The film was directed and written by Citra Cup winner, Rahabi Mandra.
The film, which was produced by Rodney Louis Vincent, Ajeng Vincent, Gilang Darmawan (Seven Sunday Films) and Tesadesrada Ryza (Temata Studios) has started shooting with strict health protocols on September 11, 2021.

Filming took place for a total of 15 days in Bogor and its surroundings.
Having previously released the film The Gift in 2018, Seven Sunday Films is indeed looking for comedy films.

Producer Rodney Louis Vincent shared, “We’ve been wanting to make a comedy film for a long time, then Rahabi Mandra (Abi) came up with a story idea. After discussion, we agreed that the idea was interesting to film. The script started over a year ago, we adopted the Pixar style by creating a team, bringing together creative individuals who understand story telling from research to development. We want this film to be authentic with the audience. Abi and we have the same vision and values, we want to make a comedy film that is tasteful.”

Tells the story of ALMOND SURENDRA (played by Marthino Lio), a marriage consultant who is trying very hard to maintain his client’s household.

According to him, marriage is a sacred thing and must be fought for. This year, Almond wants to propose and marry ARUM (Givina Lukita), his dream girl and childhood friend.
Arum’s parents have often asked Arum to get married soon. However, the plan was just a plan, the pandemic that happened made Almond to try hard again in finding fortune. The marriage consulting business that he built and has an office in Ruko went bankrupt. Almond has to face difficult circumstances, falling to zero in himself with a Pandemic condition that doesn’t know when to end.

His hardworking nature and determination to stand firm brought him to meet TAKDIR (Bimasena) with BRO, his favorite pug.
The fate of a street busker who makes a living by being a paid spy to investigate the infidelity of several couples.
Seeing Destiny’s unusual work, how it could benefit from the pain of cheating made Almond initially unwilling to get involved. But when he sees the results, and his hopes for his marriage to Arum, Almond finally joins in to become a “Detective” like Destiny. Even with a wedding consultant
he is more able to assess and provide a way to prove the infidelity of some of his clients.

How is the adventure of the duet Almond and Fate in uncovering cases of infidelity? Will he be able to escape the accusations of CITRA (Hana Malas) a beautiful police officer who suspects the practice of fake detectives in Indonesia?
the housing. And most importantly will Almond’s determination be able to ensure that he can marry Arum?

From the beginning Rahabi Mandra was committed to making a comedy film that could be entertaining but also relevant, “We wanted to make something light, based on an idea that people might think is not light, which is about infidelity. From the beginning, it was funny to see the phenomena around us, it turned out that we dug deeper and found that there were many things about life that could be discussed. We want to touch the pulse of society through this story.
Rahabi Mandra explained that the origin of the story can be found in everyday life, “During this pandemic, we saw a lot of infidelity going on, that’s where the idea came from. Maybe not many know that in the real world there is such a thing as an affair detective and it is quite popular on social media. After research and consultation with real detectives, I became more and more convinced that this idea would appeal to the audience.”

In addition to the theme of infidelity, producer Rodney Louis Vincent also saw that there are life lessons to be learned, “With the current conditions, many people are struggling, this film shows the determination of the main character which hopefully inspires many people out there. Whatever the difficult situation, if we believe that we can rise logically, spiritually or physically, we will find a way to get through the crisis. Because of that, I think a lot of people will relate to this film.”

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This film is getting stronger with the presence of Marthino Lio, a young actor who is currently in demand.

Lio expressed his interest in this film because Rahabi Mandra,
“I’m interested in joining this title honestly because the director is Abi. I like his attention to detail. And in the previous project, we were also very intensely thinking about it how we are going to tell this story. And the longer I read, the more I actually liked the message I wanted to give in this film. About cheating and how to stay faithful and why people cheat, why can divorce happen again discussing something that is actually a bit darkbut wrapped in a very light. Maybe to make the audience aware but at the same time provide a laughing stock.”


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