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“Detak” Movie, Will Be Limited in Online Cinema

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Detak which is the Director’s cut version of the Lengger Maut Dance will be limited to online cinemas from September 17, 2021 to October 3, 2021.

To welcome its broadcast in online cinemas, a virtual media gathering was held on September 14, 2021.

In the event, the cast and crew from Film Detak were also present, including Refal Hady and Alyssa Abidin as a player, Yongki Ongestu as director, Aryanna Yuris as Producer of the Film Detak and Gupta Gautama as Head of Content for Online Cinema.

Compared to the Lengger Maut Dance Film, which premiered in theaters on May 13, 2021, of course there will be differences with the Detak Film.

One of them is the difference in the depiction of the character of doctor Jati, played by Refal Hady.

There are many treatments here that I have never done before, and this is my first time
acting like this,” said Refal Hady as the male lead in the film Detak.

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This difference is of course the main attraction, which makes the audience have to watch Detak. In addition, Yongki Ongestu as the director also has his own reasons why he finally released this Director’s cut version of Detak or Lengger Maut Dance Film.


“Actually, the reason is because we take this version to various film festivals, besides that in this version the scenes are more detailed and the process of introducing and deepening the characters is longer, we also use a different treatment,” said Yongki Ongestu, the director.

One of the treatments used is previsualization or the depiction of the scene before shooting. Besides
there are other treatments such as psychology of color, changes that occur in each character that can be seen from the color, which can be seen from the Detak Film.

The differences that will be presented are certainly expected to give a different impression compared to the original version. This is also what finally made the Online Cinema ready to show the film Detak which is the Director’s cut version of the film Tarian Lengger Maut.

“We were really interested in the story and visuals from the start. Then we see Detik
entered into various festivals, not only Indonesia, but also internationally. With the Tick Film in
Online Cinema, we want the audience to also be able to see the director’s cut version,” said Gupta Gautama as the director
Head of content Online Cinema.

This Detak film will tell the story of villagers who are disappearing one by one. The incident coincided with the arrival of a doctor from the city named Jati (Refal Hady). Behind his appearance, it turns out that Doctor Jati is the cause of the disappearance of the villagers. What did He actually do?
On the other hand, there is Sukma (Della Dartyan), an aspiring Lengger dancer who believes that Lengger dancers being given a gift can keep the village from disaster. Will the bounty end the disappearance of the villagers, or something must be done to stop the doctor’s actions?


Detak’s own film will be showing in a limited time starting 17 September to 3 October 2021, with a limited presale ticket price of IDR 25,000. To order Detak Film tickets, you can go through the website or through the Online Cinema application which can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play Store. (cinemas)

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