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Detak Movie Review – Cinemags

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Detak Movie is currently showing in Online Cinema. This film is a “director’s cut” version (Yongki Ongestu) from the film Tarian Lengger Maut, which was released in theaters some time ago.

Of course, the storyline of the film Detak is still the same as the film Tarian Lengger Maut, what makes the difference when compared are:

  1. There are many symbols that are shown in the movie Detak. These symbols are indeed shown through slow camera movements, following the ability of the human eye to see an object. So for those who observe, then when a certain scene takes place. Of course, you will remember these symbols, and understand their meanings.
  2. The audience is very spoiled by taking pictures”wide angle“. The visible image fills the entire eye space and provides its own understanding. especially when combined with spoken dialogues to certain sounds that have their own meaning.
  3. The background of the characters of the cast becomes a little clearer, making the audience who was initially guessing when watching the character in Tarian Lengger Maut, become more broadly understanding.
  4. Seen scenes that turned out to be changed in order. The Lengger Maut Dance version is indeed a pure thriller that has stung the viewer’s mind from the first minute of watching it. As for the Detak version, it provides the foundation for the background of the story first, so that the audience can understand the next storyline of this thriller genre.
  5. There are many more that can be noticed in this director’s cut version, which makes the film Detak able to give its own color by involving local art workers. The beat is not merely an extension of scenes from a film called Tarian Lengger Maut

For those who haven’t watched and want to watch Detak, and watch the acting of Refal Hadi, Della Dartyan and friends. Now it can be watched through online cinemas

Limited time from date 17 September to 3 October 2021 (cinemas)

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