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Designer’s Open Letter to Melania Trump

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Melania Trump Rejected.

Looks like a title First Lady Melania Trump is now carrying, not only influential in the political field, but also in the world fashion. Although it seems that many are competing to design Melania’s clothes, not a few of them feel less comfortable doing it. One of them is Sophie Theallet. Sophie herself has often dressed Michelle Obama and even made clothes inspired by her. Through her Twitter account, Sophie posted an open letter protesting the election of Donald Trump by refusing to become Melania’s designer.

“The Sophie Theallet brand fights all forms of discrimination and injustice. Runway shows, ad campaigns, and celebrity dressing forever a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the world we live in.” clearly the fragment of Sophie’s letter.

“I understand very well that it is unwise to interfere too much in politics. However, our business is family business, where money is not everything. We value freedom more and always look for things that are full of human and ethical values ​​to build this world.” Sophie continued.

“I hope my fellow designers do the same. Integrity is our only true currency.” Sophie concluded.

So far this Sophie’s tweet has received a lot of quite supportive comments.

Sophie was not the first designer to ‘reject’ Trump. Kaelen Haworth, stylist Blake Lively, participated by donating money from the sale of his clothes to various organizations that are not supported by Donald Trump.

“I think an initiative like this will serve as a good reminder to the people who will be affected by the election results, if it turns out that there are still many people and organizations that care about them and are fighting for them. Before and after there was Trump.”

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