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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer KNYMTA) & its exciting moments

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The hashtag #DemonSlayerdiViu has been on Twitter’s Trending Topic. They can’t wait for the action of the hero, Rengoku Kyojuro, known as Hashira Bara.

After watching the premiere episode last week, Demon Slayer fans are excited about the second episode which will reveal Rengoku Kyojuro’s strategy. He is a demon slayer who is famous for his prowess in the Demon Slayer Corps.

The brave and cheerful character of Kyojuro is the special attraction of this anime. But there are some interesting moments that also make Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer KNYMTA ) which airs on Viu is considered exciting and fun since the first episode.

1. Rise of the Shredder

The Shredder is the first demon that appears in the first episode Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer KNYMTA)

The Shredder is an antagonist character who terrorizes the lives of local residents at night. In addition, the Shredder had also killed an officer on the Mugen train.

This demon is called the Shredder because he has long nails which he uses to tear his victims. He is known to be sadistic and merciless towards the victims he meets. In addition, the Shredder is known to dislike the smell of human food ever since he turned into a demon.

The Shredder’s appearance can be recognized by his bald head with a fairly muscular body. He also likes to brag about his ability to move quickly in front of Rengoku Kyojuro.

Demon Slayer

2. The devil captivating Fuku and grandma

Fuku was helping his grandmother selling bento at the station until late at night. Grandma then warns Fuku about the presence of a demon that can threaten their lives. Demons will usually be present at night and make a mess at that time. However, Fuku doesn’t believe in demons and still wants to help his grandmother.

Some time later, the Demon Shredder appears at the station where Fuku is selling bento. Fuku was frightened to see the Shredder’s presence in front of him. However, grandma bravely threw the bento at the demon’s head and told Fuku to run.

The Shredder finds Fuku running away, but Rengoku Kyojuro manages to save him just in time. Then the Shredder turned to the solitary grandmother because she felt she was easier to beat. Kyojuro then acted swiftly to defeat the Shredder, so that no one was injured again.

3. Rengoku Kyojuro’s prowess in defeating the Shredder

Rengoku Kyojuro accidentally encounters the Shredder, while he is looking for the Mugen train. Previously, Kyojuro had chased the Shredder who had hurt a woman so badly. The Shredder was pleased to have caused the person to be in pain and flaunted it in front of Kyojuro.

However, Kyojuro would not allow the Shredder to commit the same crime again. Even though the Shredder is proud of his speed, Kyojuro proves that he has a formidable ability to exterminate demons. Kyojuro used his sword swiftly to finish off the Shredder until the demon couldn’t move again.

The technique used by Kyojuro is called Fire Breathing, First Kick: Sacred Fire. The move succeeded in crushing the Shredder who terrorized the local residents.

Demon Slayer

4. Grandma Fuku met Rengoku before

Fuku’s grandmother’s life is on the verge of being threatened, when the Shredder takes after her. The ripper was angry, because Grandma dared to fight him and at that time Grandma was alone. Luckily, Rengoku Kyojuro was able to act quickly and save Grandma.

When she saw Kyojuro’s action, Grandma remembered what happened in the past. Apparently, at that time Fuku’s grandmother and mother had also been bullied by the devil. Grandma sees similarities with the people who saved her in the past and present. The similarities: the way they defeat demons, wield swords, to their very similar haori (clothes). Grandma was moved to tears because Kyojuro had saved her twice.

Apparently it wasn’t Rengoku Kyojuro that Grandma met at that time, but Rengoku Kyojuro’s father. This was confirmed directly by Kyojuro when he heard the story from his grandmother.

5. Mugen train is back in operation

Mugen trains stopped operating for some time after the horrific incident. Many people think of this train as a train that devours human souls. Since then the Mugen train has been kept in the maintenance workshop for some time.

Kyojuro finally found the carriage he had been looking for all this time. Local officials informed him that the Mugen train would be operational the next day. It made Kyojuro excited to find out the case he was investigating. Kyojuro was sure that there were other, more powerful and mysterious demons on the Mugen train.

He went straight to the station to catch the Mugen train. Before boarding the train, Kyojuro met with Fuku and again he bought Fuku’s bento. Inside the carriage, there are several mysterious figures. Who are they?

Watch the new episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train Arc. (KNYMTA Demon Slayer) Viu every Sunday night starting at 22.45 WIB

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