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Daniel Craig’s James Bond Recap Ahead of Bond-25 (Part II)

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No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film, but it’s a refresher of what happened in the saga from Casino Royale to Specter. No Time To Die marks Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond appearance, and although this version of 007 has a more concise history than previous incarnations of the British secret service, its adventures are no less important. Craig holds the record as James Bond with the longest tenure after 15 years playing the role. Meanwhile, No Time To Die will pit 007 Craig against a new villain, Safin (Rami Malek, Oscar winner through Bohemian Rhapsody-ed), and will complete the storyline of Specter 2015. In connection with the arrival of No Time To Die, here we present a summary James Bond Daniel Craig’s previous action brief as a refresher for your memory, especially for those who are reluctant / don’t have enough time to watch / have forgotten the previous films.

Skyfall (2006)

Bond Main Villain: Raoul Silva

Bond Girls: Severine, Eve

After a mission to recover a stolen hard drive containing secret agent data in Istanbul ended in failure, James Bond was presumed dead. However, due to the immense pressure and constant attacks that M had to deal with regarding the mission, Bond, who had previously used his death to retire, returned to the task of completing the unfinished mission.

The results of the investigation conducted by Bond took him to Shanghai, then to Macau. He manages to kill Patrice, the target of an operation he failed to complete in Istanbul, which brings him closer to the figure who employs Patrice. There, Bond is approached by Sévérine, Patrice’s accomplice. They then travel to an abandoned island off the coast of Macau, where the crew captures and sends them to Sévérine’s employer, Raoul Silva. After becoming an MI6 agent, Silva turned to cyberterrorism and orchestrated an attack on MI6. Silva kills Sévérine, but Bond warns the MI6 reinforcements who captured Silva to be brought to England.

In MI6’s new underground base, Q tries to decrypt Silva’s laptop, but accidentally gives him access to the MI6 servers, allowing Silva to escape. Q concludes that Silva wanted to be arrested as part of a plot to kill M, whom he hated for reneging on and betraying him to the Chinese government in 1997.

Commanding Q and Bill Tanner to leave an electronic trail for Silva to follow, Bond takes M to Skyfall, his childhood home in the Scottish Highlands, preparing to face Silva and his army for their final big battle.

Specter (2015)

Bond Main Villain: Franz Oberhauser aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Bond Girls: Lucia Sciarra, Medeleine Swann

A message from M earlier directs James Bond on an unauthorized mission in Mexico City where he stops a terrorist bombing plot. Bond kills Marco Sciarra, the terrorist leader, and takes his ring, before stealing a helicopter to escape. Upon his return to London, Bond is suspended from field duty by current Gareth Mallory, M, who is embroiled in a power struggle with Max Denbigh (who is nicknamed Bond “C”), the new Joint Director General.

Bond disobeys M’s orders and travels to Rome to attend Sciarra’s funeral. From the narrative of Sciarra’s widow, Lucia, who told him that Sciarra was a member of an entrepreneur organization with criminal and terrorist connections. Bond uses Sciarra’s ring to infiltrate the meeting to select Sciarra’s successor, where he identifies its leader, Franz Oberhauser. Oberhauser gave the order for the “Pale King” to be killed. Eve Moneypenny tells Bond that the Pale King is Mr. White, a former member of the Quantum subsidiary who has violated Oberhauser. Bond asks him to investigate Oberhauser, who supposedly died 20 years earlier. Before ending his life, White tells Bond to find and protect his daughter, psychiatrist Dr Madeleine Swann.

Bond finds Swann and saves him from the Hinx and his army. The pair meet Q, who links Oberhauser to Bond’s previous mission, identifying Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene and Raoul Silva as agents of the same organization, which Swann identifies as SPECTRE. Swann takes Bond to L’Américain, a hotel in Tangier, and they discover that White left evidence leading them to the Oberhauser base.

There, Oberhauser reveals that SPECTRE had funded the Joint Intelligence Service while carrying out terrorist attacks around the world, and their conspiracy with C. It was also revealed that Bond was Oberhauser’s adopted brother, who, jealous of his father’s affection for Bond, Oberhauser killed his father, plotting to his own death, adopting the name Ernst Stavro Blofeld and later forming SPECTRE and targeting his adoptive brother Bond; he reveals that he was ultimately responsible for several tragedies in Bond’s life, such as the deaths of M and Vesper Lynd.

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