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Daniel Craig’s James Bond Recap Ahead of Bond-25 (Part I)

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No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film, but it’s a refresher of what happened in the saga from Casino Royale to Specter. No Time To Die marks Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond appearance, and although this version of 007 has a more concise history than previous incarnations of the British secret service, its adventures are no less important. Craig holds the record as James Bond with the longest tenure after 15 years playing the role. Meanwhile, No Time To Die will pit 007 Craig against a new villain, Safin (Rami Malek), and will complete the storyline of Specter 2015. In connection with the arrival of No Time To Die, here we present a brief summary of the actions of James Bond Daniel Craig. in advance as a refresher for your memory, especially for those who are reluctant / do not have enough time to re-watch / have forgotten the previous films.

Casino Royale (2006)

Bond Main Villain: Le Chiffre

Bond Girls: Solange Dimitros, Vesper Lynd

Successfully assassinating a treacherous MI6 member, James Bond is bestowed his double-0 title. As the first mission, Bond must catch a bomb maker who leads him to Alex Dimitros, a partner of a banker and person who finances acts of terrorism named Le Chiffre. By seducing Dimitros’ wife Solange, Bond gets information that Dimitros is in Miami, and then kills him there.

Meanwhile, Le Chiffre, under pressure from heavy losses, organizes a Texas hold’em (variation poker) tournament at Casino Royale, Montenegro to get money back from his terrorist clients. In the hope that defeat would see Le Chiffre turn to the British government in exchange for protection from its creditors, MI6 included Bond in the tournament.

Despite the defeat, thanks to the unexpected help of teammates, such as Rene Mathis and Vesper Lynd, an agent of Her Majesty’s Treasury whom Bond met on the train to Montenegro, and a CIA agent who took part in the tournament, Felix Leiter; Bond won and the money was deposited in a Swiss bank account. Not finished there, Chiffre then kidnaps Vesper to lure Bond. However, Chiffre was killed by Mr. White. Who exactly is Mr. White? How will Bond’s relationship with Vesper continue?

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Bond Main Villain: Dominic Greene

Bond Girls: Strawberry Fields, Camille Montes

Continuing from the story of Casino Royale, where Vesper turned out to betray Bond (Craig) and eventually had to die, Bond explored various countries from Australia, Italy, to Latin America on his revenge mission against a businessman with a myriad of evil plans. Trying his best to put his personal vendetta aside, Bond teams up with ‘M’ to interrogate Mr. It was White who led him to the organization behind the party threatening Vespers.

The organization called QUANTUM turns out to be much more powerful than Bond and ‘M’ had anticipated. After discovering forensic evidence linking an MI6 traitor to a bank in Haiti, Bond meets Camille Montes, a Bolivian agent who also holds a personal grudge. It was Montes who led Bond to a ruthless businessman named Dominic Greene, the mastermind of QUANTUM’s secret plans aimed at monopolizing Bolivia’s clean water sources.

Teaming up with General Medrano who killed Camille’s entire family when she was a child, Greene established forced contacts with the CIA and the British government with the help of Medrano’s resources and power. He forced both parties to their knees and plotted to overthrow the Bolivian regime, giving the position to Medrano in exchange for a desert piece of land that looks empty, but actually contains the natural resources that could make Greene the most powerful person in the world. Bond’s mission to catch those who threaten Vesper, while stopping Greene’s plans is not easy, because this time the CIA, the terrorists, and even ‘M’, are after him.

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