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DANA Continues to Develop the Send Money Feature

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The DANA digital wallet started 2022 by making a number of updates to the Send Money service, which is one of the users’ favorite features. Through this update, users will not only be able to save more in making money transfers, but will also get a more enjoyable digital transaction experience.

The Send Money feature in the DANA application is the most popular feature by many users. This is because Send Money provides convenience, security, and convenience in transferring money, both to fellow users and to other accounts.

The conveniences offered are also quite attractive, including flexibility in using several choices of funding sources, such as DANA balances, debit cards, or credit cards and sending them through various ways such as between users, chat, to links.

The Send DANA feature also provides convenience due to smoother and faster money transfers. For security reasons, the Send Money feature is protected by a layered advanced security technology. Thanks to the advantages it offers, the Send DANA feature continues to record significant growth.

Until the end of 2021, DANA recorded that there were more than 350 million total transactions using the Send Money feature with an average of 30 million transactions per month made with the DANA digital wallet. In fact, the end of the year, precisely in December 2021, is the month with the highest use of the Send Money feature.

“The Send Money feature is a mainstay feature that has been trusted by loyal DANA users. In order to enrich the user experience, we are constantly updating this feature to keep it relevant to the preferences and needs of today’s users,” said Rangga Wiseno, DANA’s Chief Product Officer.

More efficient transfers with DANA

Updates made to the Send Money feature include more competitive transfer fees. After enjoying up to ten free transfers with Send Uang DANA, users are only charged Rp.2,500 on the eleventh transfer and so on.

Users can save and optimize this lightweight transfer fee for other needs. The application of this transfer fee is also a form of DANA’s compliance and support for the payment system infrastructure provided by Bank Indonesia through BI-Fast.

Can monitor the transfer process

Through the update of the Send Money feature, DANA users can now easily track, monitor and directly trace the process of sending money. To facilitate the handling of each user’s digital transactions, including the Send Money feature, DANA has also added a Resolution Center.

Easier transfer with favorite column

In a future update, DANA is setting up a ‘Favorites’ column that can group user-selected lists of family names or close relatives. Thus, when the next remittance is sent, the user just needs to go to the ‘Favorites’ column and select the destination more quickly.

“DANA has also proven that the Send Money feature with our digital wallet is the most cost-effective money transfer option thanks to the free transfer fee and the eleventh transfer fee which only costs IDR 2,500. Our users will be able to save money and save money from this fee,” added Rangga.

Based on the YouGov Survey in the third quarter of 2021, DANA has succeeded in strengthening its position as the digital wallet most favored by Gen Z and millennials for remittance transactions, both for transfers to fellow users and to bank accounts.

The perception of DANA is also getting better, especially among users aged 18 – 24 years who value DANA in terms of the quality of the services offered. People use DANA because it is considered safe, connected to various applications and accepted everywhere, user-friendly, and free of administration fees.

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