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Cute to Gahar, 7 Kim Bum Hairstyles in Various Korean Dramas |

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Cute to Gahar, 7 Kim Bum Hairstyles in Various Korean Dramas

For drama fans, you must be familiar with the owner actor baby face this one. Yup, the one and only, Kim Bum! The owner of the full name Kim Sang-bum is indeed known through his acting in a number of Korean drama titles and films. Not only does he have stunning acting skills, his appearance with various hairstyles also successfully makes you fall in love, you know. Come on, take a peek hairstyle this 32-year-old actor in various drakor titles that he starred in!

1. Medium length shag hair complete with bangs successfully making Kim Bum’s appearance in Boys Before Flowers seen cute and adorable.

2. Still with bangs that cover the forehead, the difference is that Kim Bum chose platinum silver color for his hairstyle The Woman Who Still Wants To Mary. Yay or nayhere, Bela?

3. Did you know, Kim Bum had long hair, you know. This is how he looks when playing in Goddess of Fire. Stay charming!

4. Become a gambler in That Winter, The Wind BlowsKim Bum looks more macho with a reddish short hairstyle.

5. Playing the antagonist in Mrs. Cop 2Kim Bum successfully displays a more mature side of himself with a hairstyle classic wavy side part hairstyle.

6. Her look with a hairstyle two-block wavy haircut in Tale of The Nine Tailed success makes the fans fall in love even more. Your idol isn’t it?

7. Textured bowl haircut this one makes Kim Bum style in Ghost Doctor so cuter. Have you watched the drama, Bela?

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