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Curious What’s in Celebrity’s Bags? Peek Here

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Cell phones, wallets or cosmetics are definitely one of the things that must be included in our bags, right, Bela? The bag seems to be one of the images personal style and what kind of people we are. Some people choose to use oversized tote bag or sling bag super practical. What is certain is that the bag and its contents are something important and we cannot leave it when we are doing activities. Do you agree? What about the celebrities, Bela? In the midst of their super dense activities, what are the things that must be in their bag? Lily Rose, Cara Delevigne to Taylor Hill will tell you what’s in their bags, check it out!

1. Lily Rose

6. Taylor Hill

Photo and video sources: allure, britishvogue, onehdwallpaper, celebbuzz, nydaily

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