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Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, Malaysia Vacation Guide

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Travel Directory – Known locally as Taman Buaya, originally Crocodile Farm (currently renamed Crocodile Adventureland) was in the territory of Datai Bay on the northwestern tip of the island. All the farms are spread out around 20 hectares of land of which about half is accessible to travelers and visitors. The former is where the crocodile farm runs.

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, Malaysia Vacation Guide

The farm is set in lush greenery with mountains in the background. You will see one of the largest collections of Malaysian saltwater crocodiles on the farm with a variety of species and sizes which number more than 1000 and consist of crocodiles and alligators (not easy to compare between the 2 types unless you are knowledgeable about the subject).

While many crocodiles have been imported, many are bred and reproduced on farms. All farms are separated into sections or concrete pools. There is a plaque on each side that provides info about the crocodile in that section. Some of the ponds are quite small and seeing the number of crocodiles placed in them, you may feel a little sad and wish for a bigger room to be given.

The mating season between December and January is that the males are now more aggressive in fighting over the right to mate with the females. The egg-laying season is between February and August the more aggressive female now protects her eggs.

Side at Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi farm

When you enter, the first side (i.e. Periodic Pool or Juvenile Crocodile Pool) is where you will find lots of baby and alligator chicks. Here you will find the majority of them sleeping with their mouths open or just relaxing. You can buy pellets and feed a 23 year old crocodile here.

Species Pond is a place where crocodiles and alligators are kept together. A plaque here explains how to compare the two. Hooking Pond is an interesting location where you can see crocodiles soaring for food. And there are Show Ponds (A and B) where trainers do stunts with crocodiles. A daily talk show with Q&A runs at the Crocodile Teaching Center where you can have a photo session with the 13-foot-tall crocodile.

Bridge Pond is the biggest and very interesting. There is a wooden bridge with a covered roof that runs through the middle of the pond. Many large crocodiles are kept in this pond. As you walk on the bridge, you can see the deadly creatures right below you and some of them are even watching you. A staff will definitely remind you not to rely so much on the fence and take risks.

Feeding Crocodiles

Hourly dining sessions run on this large Bridge pond. The staff used to come to the grassy ground beside the pond, blow the syringe and all the crocodiles would start to crawl and join him. It is an amazing sight as you watch him offer a fish with a stick in the large open mouth of a crocodile, which then bites him with his huge jaws between his teeth. If you are with family and kids, they will surely enjoy this…. Watch the latest updates below.

Crocodile Action Attraction

The action attraction 2x a day runs in the Attractions Pond which is likely a special highlight of the Crocodile Farm. While it may seem cruel, the reality is that most people come here to enjoy this attraction. You will find people who are used to wrestling with large crocodiles. Often two men may even carry a crocodile.

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In another act, a man would put all his hands through the crocodile’s open mouth. In another attraction, a person will pull the crocodile around on its tail. Acrobatics walk about 20 minutes.

Other Shows Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

Another special magnet on the farm is a large crocodile known as Lajang Kawi which is said to be one of the largest in the world and weighs around 1,000 pounds. It has a species called Porosus. But the sad thing is that this crocodile was born without teeth. Due to this defect, it was placed where the separate pool fits right next to the Bridge Pool. Despite his large size, he is not as aggressive as some of the others. You’ll find a placard here giving lots of info about this great crocodile and its species.

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

You can experience several other happy activities in this park such as Crocodile Fishing, Crocodile Handling, and Tomistoma Pond.

There is also a separate side for deformed crocodiles that are handicapped and require special attention. Some have no tail, and some have humps. If you are not very interested, you can avoid this side because it can make you sad.

There is an exhibition center which displays pictures of various types of crocodiles and their characteristics and explains their complete life transitions.

Just like I mentioned earlier, the majority of the farm is reserved for actual farming and picking critters. Unfortunately, crocodile meat and leather products made from crocodile skin are very popular.

Sarana Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, Malaysia

There is a car park in front of the entrance. There is also a food and beverage stall inside.

At the Croc Leather Products Store near the entrance, you will find some high quality products such as wallets, bags, shoes and others made from crocodile skin. They can be really expensive. For example, a keychain with a leather handle can be worth around RM150 and a handbag can be worth up to RM35,000.

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There is also a Souvenir Shop on site. It sells crocodile-themed souvenirs such as soft toys, fridge magnets, and so on. Frozen and dried crocodile meat along with gallbladder, kidney, and eggs are said to have healing value in traditional Chinese healing practices and are here but the availability of eggs has a windy nature.

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi Entrance Ticket

There are many combo tickets depending on the activity you want to try. The standard ticket (known as the Adventure Combo) consists of an Entrance Ticket, two Youth Crocodile Food packages and you can enjoy the facilities, activities, and interlude attractions that exist throughout your visit.

Exploration Combo Ticket Fee

Adults: RM30 for Malaysian Adults with Malaysian ID; RM45 for foreign tourists (Adults) Children (under 12 years): RM25 for Malaysian children; RM35 for children of foreign tourists.

Opening Hours Open daily 9 am to 6 pm.

Location and Contact

Crocodile Farm is in the Datai Bay area on the northwestern tip of the island and on Jalan Datai. Not far to the right as you enter Jalan Datai from Jalan Teluk Yu.

It is about 32kms from Kuah town, 7 minutes by car from Pertama Quay and 10 minutes from Langkawi Cable Car (SkyCab). You can take a taxi or a chartered car to get here. But keep the taxi waiting or you might not get it when you get back.


Crocodile Adentureland Langkawi

Jalan Datai, Langkawi 07000, Malaysia. Phone: (604) 959 2559

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