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Criticized by MotoGP racers, Mandalika Circuit is improving

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022 – 10:31 WIB

VIVA – Pertamina Mandalika Circuit, after completing the official MotoGP test, will improve to ensure track conditions comply with the safety standards set by the FIM international motorcycle racing federation during the Indonesian Grand Prix race in March.

PT Indonesia Tourism Developer (Persero) ITDC as the SOE developer of the Mandalika Circuit will make improvements on the 4.3km track, including in terms of the track, supporting facilities, accommodation and technical implementation of the race which will take place on March 18-20.

The circuit on the southern coast of Lombok Island last weekend had the honor of hosting a pre-season test where MotoGP riders and teams carried out the development and testing of their new bikes over three days.

However, the drivers complained about the dirtiness of the track which was dusty and muddy on the first day of testing.

As a new track, the Mandalika Circuit also still has a thin racing line because it is rarely used to race and at least the rubber tires are attached to the asphalt, thus preventing the riders from going fast and finding their riding limit.

This situation, according to FIM Grand Prix Safety Officer Franco Uncini when met by ANTARA in Mandalika, is normal for the new circuit, coupled with the massive construction going on around the track.

Inside the circuit, heavy equipment is still used to install the stands and other buildings, while outside the circuit area, workers are building new roads to welcome the MotoGP event.

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