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Creators Day with Facebook – Cinemags

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Support Indonesian and Malaysian creators, Facebook and Instagram present “Creator Day” Indonesia/Malaysia, 27 October 2021: Facebook and Instagram present “Creator Day” on Thursday, 28 October 2021, a virtual event that brings together hundreds of creators and publishers from Indonesia and Malaysia to share stories, experiences and knowledge with each other.

Hosted by Indonesian actresses and television presenters, Sarah Sechanand radio DJ from Malaysia, Haniff


Creators Day will help creators in these two countries hone their skills, increase their audience size and create a positive economic impact on their communities.

“These creators have built very strong communities on Facebook and Instagram, and we want to make it easy for them to increase their audience and earn money by leveraging our platform,” said Revie Sylviana,

Entertainment Partnership Director, Indonesia & Malaysia, Facebook. “We launched this event in Indonesia and Malaysia because we see that the creators in these two countries are the most creative and interesting creators in the Southeast Asia region, and continue to gain tremendous momentum, both regionally and globally,” Revie added.

This inaugural event in Southeast Asia will feature performances and discussion sessions with big names that are familiar to creators, such as Eva Chen, VP Fashion Partnerships for Instagram, who will chat with two well-known creators from Malaysia and Indonesia, Amelia Henderson and Daniel Mananta. Other creators who will participate include Project Nightfall, Anaz Siantar, The Food Ranger, Hobby Makan, and Haniff Hamzah, who will share tips and experiences on how creators can increase monetization, tips for creating authentic and inspiring content, the future of video content and a way to continue to maintain strong interactions with fans.

This event will provide an opportunity for creators and publishers from Indonesia and Malaysia to share experiences, inspire stories, and learn from each other. Supporting the creator community will drive more diversity on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Facebook is investing in the future of creators – both new and established ones – by building monetization tools and products that will help them earn income and reach new audiences. Today, there are a variety of monetization tools and products available for creators to use, including: In-stream ads, Brands Collab Manager, Fan Subscriptions, Stars, and Paid Online Events. Creators can also build engagement through Facebook Groups, Lives, Reel, and Stories, as well as the recently launched feature, Live Audio Rooms.

The Food Ranger from Malaysia and Nazneen Judge from Indonesia, are two content creators who have successfully built their careers as creators on Facebook and Instagram with various monetization strategies. On this Creator’s Day, the two of them will share their career journey as content creators, tips on how to create authentic and interesting content, which makes many parties including well-known brands look to them to collaborate. They will also share tips for new creators who are considering building a career as a creator, as well as their favorite features on Facebook and Instagram.

To help creators thrive on Facebook and Instagram, we also spoke with social media practitioner and creator Tariq Halilintar from Gen Halilintar – a family of content creators from Indonesia.

Hosted by Dan Neary, Vice President Asia Pacific, Facebook, the program titled “Ideas That Matter” discusses topics around how Facebook supports the creator economy in Asia Pacific, the best tips from speakers on creating engaging content, how to collaborate with brands, and collaborate with audiences to create content that is more engaging and they love. This episode will air on Facebook for Business, November 3, 2021, at 12:00 WIB.

“At Facebook, we are committed to supporting creators – whether they are just starting out or are

the established ones – when they turn their passion into a source of income, we see the

these creators as a new generation of small business,” added Revie.

Creators have the opportunity to connect with a global audience across the Facebook app, giving them the space to grow their brand coverage and find new sources of revenue.

Don’t miss #KreatorDay, a moment to #KumpulKreator through the Indonesian Facebook Page and Malaysia Facebook Page.

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