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Create Your Little Heaven with Dekoruma

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Dekoruma Launches 3 Dekoruma Experience Centers in the City of Bandung, Depok, and Bekasi – Indonesian Family Home Decoration Solutions To “Realize Your Little Heaven”

Everyone wants to have a home that is not only comfortable and full of love but also beautiful. Of course, many of us consider adding an aesthetic touch to every room or corner of the house with choices furniture & decoration according to function and beauty. Meet consumer needs and market expansion for products home & furnishing which continues to increase, by March 2022 decoration launch 3 Dekoruma Experience Center in 3 different cities namely; Depok, Bekasi and Bandung. This is also in line with Dekoruma’s commitment to be the best friend of Indonesian consumers in creating homes for use “Make Your Little Heaven Come True”.

Since its establishment in 2015, Dekoruma is committed to helping meet the needs furniture and Indonesian family home decoration. In providing the best experience for consumers, Dekoruma consistently presents the latest products that match trend contemporary. Not only quality products and beautiful designs, but also multifunctional and space-saving (space saving). Comes with a characteristic Japanese style, each Dekoruma product design comes with a modern taste, meaning, philosophy and needs base. Of course, all of this is presented at affordable prices and an easy and fun shopping experience both physically and mentally on line or offline.

Create Your Little Heaven

Dimas Harry Priawan, CEO & Co-Founder of Dekoruma said “In order for consumers to be more comfortable shopping by seeing and trying directly the products offered, Dekoruma in the third month – March – we presented 3 showroom new in 3 cities, namely: Bandung, Depok and Bekasi. So that we can get closer to consumers to meet their needs home and living. To date, we have realized +30,000 dream homes with the coverage area of ​​the Dekoruma Experience Center in 5 big cities, namely Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Bandung”.

Dekoruma Experience Center Paskal Bandung will open on March 7, 2022, consists of a 3-storey building as showroom the largest with an area of ​​1200+ m2. There are 3,000 product choices furniture & accessories, as well as 50+ Japanese style room inspiration. Dekoruma Experience Center Depok Margonda soon to open on 15 March 2022, consists of a 3-storey building with an area of ​​800+ m2. There are 1,500 product choices furniture & accessories, as well as 25+ Japanese style room inspirations. Whereas for Dekoruma Experience Center Grand Galaxy Bekasi opened on March 31, 2022, consists of a 4-storey building, with an area of ​​700+ m2, and there are 1,200 product choices furniture & accessories, as well as 20+ Japanese style room inspirations.

Dekoruma presents products with signature style Japandi which is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian lifestyle philosophies, which emphasizes functionality and comfort but still in beauty. This Japanese style features an interior that optimizes the function of space with space-saving furniture (space saving) and multifunctional. Dekoruma products cater to various Japanese style preferences such as; Japandi Natural, Japandi Modern, Japandi Classic and Japandi Industrial all of which carry an essential lifestyle with a focus on needs and efficiency.

This Japanese style is very elegant and quite in demand, especially by the younger generation who prioritizes a minimalist lifestyle by maximizing the function of a limited space. This Japanese-style atmosphere brings positive energy and warmth with a modern traditional touch that is very pronounced in the use of materials, color palettes, and textures in each product. The addition of various forms of accessories, including works of art can also add to the look and feel of a Japanese-style room. Therefore, meeting the needs home and furnishing For them, Dekoruma also has interior design services as well as property for the residential needs of the community.

Reality is still in a pandemic situation, where the house is our main object in our activities and the main regulation of our lives today starting from; where we work, sleep, socialize, including me-time. Almost 3 years living and working from home, decorating needs are more likely to emphasize creating a peaceful environment with the use of neutral and natural elements of color, design, and products. Of course, this is also in accordance with the Japandi style promoted by Dekoruma. In addition, every corner of the house should have a pleasant and calming objective, not only for the domestic needs of the household but also for the emotional ones. Through the campaign #OneSudutDuluDekoruma invites consumers not to hesitate to start beautifying their homes and start thinking about how every corner of the room can stand out with the right decoration choices starting from #SatuSudutDulu.

For satisfying customer service and experience, Dekoruma provides freedom for consumers to be able to directly try various products with choices furniture and quality accessories assisted by professionals from the Dekoruma Team in every showroom. Dekoruma also provides direct consulting services with professionals for interior design services and get direct inspiration for spaces with various Japanese styles.

At the opening of the Dekoruma Experience Center in 3 cities, they also provided interesting promos, including; 100 thousand direct discount for the first 100 people, extra discount up to 400 thousand, and booking fee Interior services at the Dekoruma Experience Center have the opportunity to get a discount furniture up to 3 million rupiah.

“We hope that Dekoruma can continue to be the best friend of Indonesian families for every beautiful decoration wish. Add a touch and turn every corner of your home into something special, character and warm. Help every home to create a personal decoration that can reflect the personality full of unlimited expression within Make Your Little Heaven Come True,” closed Dimas Harry Priawan.

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