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Crazy Ukrainian Boxers Threaten Russian Military

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Monday, 28 February 2022 – 15:09 WIB

VIVA – The Ukrainian state military gets additional ammunition in the war against Russia. One terrible figure involved defending Ukraine, he is a boxing world champion named Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Lomachenko is a gold medalist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and 2012 in London. Achievements that are no less amazing are the WBO and WBA lightweight champions.

Reported by the NYPost, Lomachenko shocked the Ukrainian public after uploading a photo on his Facebook social media account while guarding the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region from the Russian military.

Previously, this 34-year-old boxer decided to return to Ukraine from Greece after the outbreak of war.

“We are very proud of our boxers, our champions in boxing are in war. We are proud to be Ukrainians,” said Mykola Kovalchuck, President of WBC Ukraine.

It is known that apart from Lomachenko, he is not the first Ukrainian boxer to take up arms against Russia. Previously there were brothers and sisters from boxing legends from Ukraine, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko who also enlisted in the Ukrainian military.

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