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Cool! These are the Unique Features that PermataMobile X Offers

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In this digital era, people are pampered with increasingly sophisticated technology. One technology that helps society is mobile banking. Well with the era that is increasingly heading towards cashless society, mobile banking is now the answer for people who want a practical all-round transaction tool.

For this reason, PermataBank finally introduced the application mobile banking the newest one is called PermataMobile X. Not just mobile banking As usual, the “X” here reflects the symbol of “Elevated Experience” which wants to answer the needs of customers and prospective customers so far.

The hope is that, through PermataMobile X, the #IndonesiaTanpaStress movement carried out by PermataBank can be realized, namely being able to carry out various kinds of banking transactions without the hassle and waste of time.

So, what are the new features that are superior to PermataMobile X? It doesn’t take long, let’s check the full details below!

1. All in one app

IDN Times/PermataBank

Ridha DM Wirakusumah as the President Director of PermataBank said that PermataMobile X will be here to serve all services digital banking what customers expect.

“GemataMobile X has been specially designed to enhance and deliver customer experience optimal. We will always invest in platform This is done in a sustainable manner by placing the right and appropriate technology to realize our aspirations, which is to become a bank that is simple, fastand reliablesaid Rida.

2. Prioritizing customer experience

Cool!  These are the Unique Features that PermataMobile X OffersIDN Times/PermataBank

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On the other hand, Abdy D. Salimin as Chief Information Officer and Director of Technology & Operations PermataBank said that PermataMobile X is dedicated to a customer experience new to adapt to the times in the world mobile banking which is all digital.

“We simplified the complexity of banking and took the hassle out of banking with a complete redesign and overhaul mobile banking us before so that PermataMobile X has now become more attractive, fast and easy to use as a fun application for doing digital banking and making it the future mobile bankingsaid Abdi.

3. The features are really cool!

Cool!  These are the Unique Features that PermataMobile X OffersIDN Times/PermataBank

With one application to complete all banking needs, of course PermataMobile X does not only provide standard features. In accordance with the brand promise what they are trying to achieve, namely simple, fast, reliable.

The first is convenience when you login. It must be really troublesome, right if you have to enter user id and password every time you want to enter the application? On the one hand, you also need a security factor so that no one carelessly accesses your bank account.

Well, PermataMobile X has a solution to answer this need, namely the Face ID, Touch ID, and Fingerprint features. Yep, in just a fraction of a second, you can directly access your account without the need to think about the security factor. Face ID and Touch ID itself are valid only for iPhone users while Fingerprint is valid for Android users.

The next feature is Peeking, where you can peek at your balance without having to login. You can also view all your account details in one screen where you can see all the status of your balance, from savings, current accounts, deposits, mutual funds, bonds, credit cards, KTA, to mortgages.

For those of you who like to invest, PermataMobile X has also developed a feature where you can make mutual fund and bond transactions online in one application.

Other features are no less interesting, starting from viewing account mutations for the past 12 months, transferring money via cellphone numbers, share receipts via WhatsApp and email, cardless cash withdrawals, scheduled money transfers, credit card applications, and much more. It makes our banking activities really easy!

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