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Cool, Finally First Look and First Teaser of Shin Kamen Rider Revealed!

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Japanese Filmmaker, Hideaki Anno finally uncover first look and first teaser for the new film Shin Kamen Rider. This film is made as a reboot of the classic series Kamen Rider first aired in 1971 and was launched to commemorate the franchise’s anniversary Kamen Rider the 50th year.

This is not the first time the creator Neon Genesis Evangelion trying to make a “Shin” version of a popular series, he has written and directed Shin Godzilla in 2016 as well as Shin Ultraman which will be released soon. In this new teaser, Anno is able to convey a similar feel to the original series by directly reenacting the opening scene of the original 1971 series as well as the theme song. “Let’s Go!! Rider Kicks.” This teaser also briefly shows the modern figure of Man Spider, who is the villain from the first episode of the series Kamen Rider.

Sosuke Ikematsu (The Last Samurai) will play Takeshi Hongo, a young man who is kidnapped by the evil Shocker organization and turned into a super-powered cyborg—but then turns against them and becomes a crime-fighting hero as the first Kamen Rider. Minami Hamabe (Ace Attorney) will play one of Hongo’s closest allies, Ruriko Midorikawa, the daughter of a professor who was killed by the first monster. Kamen Rider, Man Spiders. In the original series, Ruriko blamed Kamen Rider for her father’s death, before realizing the truth about Takeshi and becoming his ally in the war against Shocker.

In the classic series, there is also another Kamen Rider named Hayato Ichimonji, although until now there has been no information regarding this character’s involvement and no other cast for this new film has been announced by related parties. Shin Kamen Rider does not yet have an official release date, although it is expected to be released in Japan sometime in 2023.

As we know, franchie Kamen Rider celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The property started with a television series in 1971, and has since spawned numerous sequels, films, manga, and multibillion-dollar toy and merchandise lines. Manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori created Kamen Riderand is famous for his other creations, the manga series Cyborg 009 and the tokusatsu superhero series Super Sentai, which was later adapted into Power Rangers.

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