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Cool! Banana Republic and United Airlines Perform Charity Action On The Plane

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To do a good deed, you can start in simple ways and from small things. But do you realize that a little kindness you do can mean a lot to many people. As reported Usmagazine, one of the well-known fashion brands, Banana Republic in collaboration with United Airlines provides surprise for the passengers on the plane. Curious as to what? Check out the full review here.

In order to support women’s resources in the United States, Banana Republic provides a package that is packed with shopping bag and placed in every passenger seat, Banana Republic provides cashmere blanket The mission of this action is not only to provide warmth and comfort to passengers, but to create different things in sharing this kindness. Quoted from various sources, several passengers were surprised and happy to receive this kindness package, by writing something like this “Thanks @united and @BananaRepublic made the 6 hr flight a lil better! as well as mempost on their twitter.


When you post your feelings in twitter and use #BRMakeItMatter, means that you are helping to provide real action and donations that will be donated by Banana Republic to CARE organization. Where this organization supports women who only have skills minimally trained to be able to work as professionals. With this unique charity action, Banana Republik hopes to get donations of up to $100,000 or if converted into Rp. 1,328,600,000.00.

A very unique and interesting charity event, Bela, I hope that in our country we can do acts of kindness like this.

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