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Conte talks like this, wants to leave Tottenham?

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After Tottenham Hotspur caught Burnley, Antonio Conte provide attention-grabbing comments. Are you ready to leave Tottenham?

The Lily Whites returned from Burnley’s headquarters with a 0-1 defeat, Thursday (24/2) early morning WIB. Ben Mee’s second-half goal at Turf Moor saw Tottenham go home with a fourth loss in their last five games.

The latest defeat itself was born just a few days after Tottenham achieved impressive results, thanks to the success of winning 3-2 in the trip to Manchester City headquarters.

Interestingly, after the match against Burnley, Conte gave a statement indicating that he could no longer be Spurs manager at any time.

“In the last five games, we have lost four times. And that means there will be an assessment of the club, of me, because for me this is very frustrating,” he told Sky Sports.

“The situation is like that. I am very sad for the fans because I don’t think they deserve to see results like this. But when you have lost four of the last five games, it means there has to be an evaluation. The club has to make an assessment, also discuss together and understand what the solution is. best.”

“The players will stay the same, the club changes the coach. The players stay the same, but the results don’t change. I’m too honest to accept this kind of situation,” Conte said.

Watch the video ‘Totthenham Falls at Burnley Headquarters’:

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