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Conquering Territory and Kidnapping Leaders, Russian Military Appoints New Mayor of Melitopol in Southeastern Ukraine

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KYIV – Galina Danilchenko, former deputy in the City Council was appointed and inaugurated by the Russian military as mayor of Melitopol, Southeastern Ukraine.

This was done after the Russian military occupied the area.

In addition, there are also allegations that Mayor Ivan Fedorov was kidnapped by Putin’s troops, Friday (11/3/2022) afternoon.

Shortly after his appointment and inauguration, Danilchenko appeared on local TV.

On that occasion, he stated that his main task was to build what he called the basic mechanism under the new reality.

Quoted from, Danilchenko said he was preparing to form a Committee of People’s Deputies to run the city, and urged residents not to take part in extremist actions.

“Dear representatives, we are elected by the people. Our duty above all is to safeguard their welfare,” he said.

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“This committee will be tasked with administrative responsibilities in the Melitopol region and the Melitopol region.” added Danilchenko.

The BBC was unable to independently verify Danilchenko’s appointment, although it has been widely reported in local media.

As is known, Russian troops have kidnapped Ivan Federov, the mayor of Melitopol in southeastern Ukraine, Friday (11/3/2022).

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