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Confess Drew Barrymore Prepares Meals for Kids on the Flexitarian Diet Menu

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Actress, Drew Barrymore, like most parents, often faces dinner dilemmas while trying to find the food her picky eater will actually eat.

Strategizing for something that will ensure clean plates is even more challenging is the fact that daughters Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7, are flexitarians. The flexitarian diet is a diet that encourages food consumption plant-based (plant-based) which is more than animal-based foods.

“The worst feeling is when they’re so excited and into something, and you’re like, ‘New thing to bring to the table!’ Then the next day, they hate it, and they never want to touch it again,” Barrymore, who is ChiQin’s new “Chief Mom Officer” and vegetarian and vegan-friendly food brand Quorn, told People,

“It’s a typical parenting experience. I relate to any parent who just wants to maintain their kids’ mood and chemistry by getting food for them.”

The 46-year-old says when children go through a “difficult phase” it is always not easy because “you will do anything to feed your children because feeding them is a luxury and a privilege.”

Trying to please her kids’ appetites while also making sure they eat a balanced diet, especially on a flexitarian diet, can be a delicate balance, Barrymore tells People.

“I try to get them to eat fish, always bring fruit and vegetables home. I think they would eat ice cream, if they could,” he said.

“I think you’d take just about anything to help keep the mood in check, that’s a lot. So I’ve done a few different ways where my kids will only eat one thing for a while.”

One of them is a classic dish, namely chicken nuggets. Because, according to Barrymore, balanced meat alternatives should be easy, simple, and affordable.

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