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Commemorating Oscar de la Renta, America’s Postal Service Releases Fashionable Stamps

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Fashion edition stamps that you must have.

In memory of American designer Oscar de la Renta, who has contributed greatly to the industry fashion America, especially dressing the First Lady, the American postal service released a series of fashionable stamps. The collection, which will be available this year, consists of monochrome stamps with the designer’s photo, in addition there are also 10 colorful series inspired by dresses designed by Oscar de la Renta.

“In the new year, as usual the postal service continues to present a collection of stamps that were created to celebrate some of the unique icons, moments and cultures that have been part of the history of a nation,” said Mary-Anne Penner, director of the American postal service, in the quote. in buro247.

In addition to the Oscar de la Renta series of stamps, the postal service also released a collection of stamps depicting Queen Elizabeth as a celebration of her 90th birthday.

Photo source: famous people / buro247

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