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Collection of Fashion Products to Accompany Women to Live Every Precious Moment

  • Share, Jakarta A local fashion brand based in Surakarta presents a collection of its fashion products at the 2022 WiseLook Virtual Fashion Show located at D’Monaco, Sleman, DIY. Taking the theme ‘Moments’, WiseLook’s runway debut presented a line of clothing collections for urban women to accompany every precious moment.

In accordance with its tagline Fit Up Your Moment, WiseLook understands the needs of women who want to capture memories on clothes, not just through OOTD photos. Instead, capture memories more carefully to build unforgettable moments.

WiseLook owner Henry Hanafi explained that there are five common moments that are commonly experienced by women on a daily basis. The first is the critical moment, when women face many difficult things and they still have to make the right decisions.

Second, alone moment, when a woman feels alone, not many people understand her but she has to stay upright and she has to stay strong. Sexy moment, when a woman is grateful for every gift from God that has been given to her through her body and accepts it as it is.

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