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Close 2021, DANA Has 95 Million Users

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The DANA digital wallet managed to close 2021 by recording a record number of new users. In addition to the pandemic factor that encourages people to transact contactless, this success cannot be separated from DANA’s commitment to become a bridge for the digital economy ecosystem in the country.

This commitment is realized either through innovation by continuously updating or presenting new features, as well as through collaboration with various stakeholders. Throughout 2021, the number of DANA users will increase by 45 million to reach a total of 95 million users.

On an annual basis, this gain is the highest throughout DANA’s journey since it was officially launched in December 2018 while continuing the positive growth trend. In the previous year, the number of DANA users increased by 10 million from 40 million to 50 million users.

“Our user growth also signifies the community’s readiness to use digital wallets. By promoting innovative technology in our features, people have seen digital wallets as a necessity,” said Rangga Wiseno, DANA’s Chief Product Officer.

DANA also noted that throughout 2021, the number of active users rose by 101%. Accordingly, transaction volume grew by 143% (YoY) with an average of 7 million transactions per day. Growth has also occurred in a number of features that have been a favorite of users.

Yes! Some of these features include QRIS Payment, online merchant transactions, DANA Biller for routine bill payments, Send money, and the DANA Bisnis feature which has succeeded in increasing the transactions of 400,000 MSME partners by 35%. Growth also occurred in the Top Up feature by 168%.

The ‘Save Card’ feature (Card binding) is also increasingly in demand by users. The number of users who store cards (debit and credit) in DANA will grow 34% in 2021. Meanwhile, the number of cards stored in DANA digital wallets throughout 2021 will increase by 29%.

The positive achievements recorded in 2021 are the result of DANA’s commitment to providing a safe, easy, and comfortable transaction experience for trusted funds. In 2021, DANA will continue to prioritize the user’s digital transaction experience through its three pillars, namely trusted, friendly and accessible.

To improve security, DANA has also added an increasingly sophisticated verification layer, including implementing DANA VIZ to safeguard user data and transactions through facial verification. In terms of user friendliness, DANA also continues to update the user interface and experience.

DANA also added DANA Points as a form of appreciation for users who have made digital transactions through DANA. In terms of accessibility, DANA has an open ecosystem that allows it to develop DANA’s capabilities in various activities, support government policies, and expand global partners.

For example, with the Manage Limit Card and Biller Subscription & Reminder features, users can control their finances through DANA. DANA also supports government policies and initiatives such as the implementation of QRIS, Pre-Employment Card Partners, Third Generation State Revenue Module (MPN G3), and other programs.

Until the end of 2021, DANA has also managed to collaborate with a number of global partners including TikTok, Google Play, Steam, Huawei Store, and Netflix. The positive score in 2021 is also proof of DANA’s commitment to become a bridge for the digital economy ecosystem as well as to create more inclusive digital finance.

This is done by actively collaborating and integrating DANA’s digital wallet to various partners, governments and regulators, to financial institutions. Currently, DANA is directly connected to BUKU IV banks and directly and indirectly connected to all banks in Indonesia.

“DANA does not see financial and banking institutions as competitors, but rather strategic partners to accelerate digital financial inclusion. Therefore, in 2021, we will carry out dozens of programs and campaigns with banking partners,” said Dedy Sahat, DANA’s Director of Business Development.

For example, in September 2021, DANA and BCA collaborated to enable users to withdraw their DANA balances at BCA ATMs. The latest, DANA allows users to top up Mandiri e-money through its application.

“DANA’s success in expanding its strategic partners in 2021 reflects the growing trust of partners in the innovative technology that DANA presents. Thus, DANA and partners can grow side by side and have a greater impact on accelerating digital financial inclusion in the country,” said Dedy.

For this year, DANA will focus on optimizing users’ digital transaction experience by expanding its features including providing financial services to consumers and adding several initiatives for merchants.

Some of these initiatives include simplifying the onboarding process and integration with partners, as well as launching several products related to insurance and loans (paylater). Obviously, this is the good news that DANA provides to its users.

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