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Clifford The Big Red Dog Review

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Clifford’s children’s film The Big Red Dog has been confirmed to be released in Indonesian cinemas on December 29, 2021. This film is based on a children’s book by Norman Bridwell and was first published in 1963 in the United States.

In his journey, Clifford The Big Red Dog then made an animated TV series around 2000 through the hands of creatorsKaren Heathwood and including success to be marketed in the form of dvd. The series also received 2 awards and many nominations in its time.

This is what makes many people interested and waiting when it is reported that Clifford The Big Red Dog will be made a version live action

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At the earliest opportunity, Cinemags had a chance to watch it early, and quickly discovered the main difference, which is that in this live action version, Clifford can’t talk to Emily. This creates the realistic impression that director Walt Becker is trying to build from a screenplay written by Jay Scherick, David Ronn, Annie Mumolo, and Stan Chervin.

For those who don’t know why there is a red dog that is so big, then you can read first synopsis.

Clifford a small red puppy and 2 years old who was feeling sad, suddenly he was separated from his mother and siblings. He was exploring the streets of New York City alone. Unexpectedly, he meets an eccentric animal lover, Bridwell (John Cleese) and gives Clifford a comfortable place to live.

Meanwhile, Emily (Darby Camp) is still struggling to adjust to her new elite school. The 12-year-old girl was upset when her mother, Maggie (Sienna Guillory) had to leave town, and Emily was left with her uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) who was unemployed and very careless.

On the way to school, Emily sees Bridwell’s tent. He also persuaded Casey to enter the tent and it was there that Emily first met Clifford. Seeing the closeness of the two of them, Bridwell also suggested that Emily adopt Clifford, and was opposed by his uncle. In short, they finally left Bridwell’s tent for their next activity.

When Emily got home she was very surprised to see Clifford in her bag, in the end she managed to persuade Casey to let Clifford stay the night.

A series of events ensued and a sad Emily vented her heart out to Clifford and hoped that the size should be large, so that people around her could hear.

Bridwell also grants Emily’s request through Clifford, who immediately turns big, this is also in line with his comments to Emily in the tent when Emily sees how small Clifford is.

“The size will be according to how much love you give him,” Bridwell message to Emily at the time

A series of adventures finally awaits Emily and Clifford, involving the Lyfegro company, led by Tieran (Tony Hale), to the events at Emily’s school.

This series of events makes Emily mature and discover the essence of life lessons for her. In addition, the CGI is very good, with a shooting angle that shows the face of the city with its busyness.

The film Clifford The Big Red Dog is a fantasy film that is very suitable to be watched as a family, because it teaches many things to children. Coming to cinemas on December 29, 2021

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