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Cinema XXI is open: 6 things to obey when returning to the cinema

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As of today, Cinema XXI has resumed its operational activities in a number of areas, following strict procedures.

Yes, finally the long awaited moment has arrived, Cinema XXI is open.

This has become the main focus with repeated socialization through media channels, so that visitors and viewers can obey.

6 things to obey when returning to the cinema

  1. Must download app Care Protect on the visitor’s cellphone;
  2. Must scan QR Peduli Protect before entering the cinema;
  3. Visitors under 12 years old are prohibited from entering;
  4. Must wear a mask;
  5. Always apply physical distancing;
  6. Must maintain hand hygiene.

In addition, it is ensured before traveling in good health, and delaying if you feel sick.

In the opening of the cinema this time, several cool films have been prepared, such as Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, Fast and Furious 9and in the near future there will be Shang-Chi and No Time to Die as an answer to a question that has gone viral in recent days, “Will the two films be screened when Cinema XXI opens”


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