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Chromebook Gaming Just Waiting For Time to Launch

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Who doesn’t know Chromebooks? A laptop based on the Chrome OS operating system developed by Google. Designed in such an attractive way, not a few well-known laptop manufacturers, such as ASUS and Acer are keen to produce Chromebook series for workers and students.

Apparently, the next generation of Chromebooks marketed by a number of laptop manufacturers will include models built for gaming. Of course, besides being more powerful, this Chromebook is also designed to be more elegant and has full RGB lighting on the keyboard.

As reported by 9to5Google, a number of devices based on Chrome OS will be launching in the market soon, and will be for gaming. 9To5Google also stated that they have been tracking the progress of several Chromebooks for gaming, and believe that these new models are just around the corner.

Until now, game streaming services like Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and others were the only way to enjoy games from the Steam library. But now, it seems that Chrome OS will soon support Steam and other Linux-compatible PC games.

It will be part of a long term project codenamed Borealis. Although, there has been no official announcement about Steam games being supported on Chromebooks. But it hints at Google’s plans to expand the game through Steam games as well as other game streaming services.

Since Chromebooks that can be used for gaming are believed to be launching in the near future, it’s no surprise that the new Chrome OS devices will support RGB as well. The report confirms that Google is working on offering full-color RGB support on keyboards on Chromebooks.

With NVIDIA and MediaTek working together to bring RTX graphics to the platform. So, it’s only a matter of time for Chromebook devices that are indeed dedicated to gaming to launch Steam games and RGB software support.

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