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Chat with Cast All of Us Are Dead, Netflix’s New Zombie Drake

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Netflix has released a new Korean series. Titled All of Us Are Dead, the audience will be entertained again with a zombie-themed series.

All of Us Are Dead tells the story of a group of high school students who are trapped at school when a zombie virus attacks. A group of students are trying hard to survive and not turn into zombies.

This Korean drama stars a number of new names. Among them are Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, to Park Solomon.

All of Us Are Dead Photo: doc. Netflix

detikcom also had the opportunity to chat with the actors and directors recently. Director Lee JQ also revealed the reason for using new actors in All of Us Are Dead.

“Actually, when choosing actors, it is very important to be as close as possible to the characters they play. So that the actors can also deepen their roles, it also looks more realistic in the eyes of the audience,” said Lee JQ as director of All of Us Are Dead.

“The actors and staff do a lot of dress rehearsals. As time goes by, the emotions of the actors are also getting formed,” he continued.

In All of Us Are Dead, the actors are also required to have a lot of action scenes. Park Solomon admitted that he had to undergo training for 3 months before filming.

All of Us Are DeadAll of Us Are Dead Photo: doc. Netflix

“For me and Yoon Chan Young (Lee Chung San), we went through a lot of action scenes. We voluntarily took action classes,” said Park Solomon.

“One of my favorite scenes is the action scene seen in the trailer. It was in episode 2. After 3 months of hard training, this scene was shot for the first time,” he concluded.

All of Us Are Dead will air for 12 episodes. This drama can be watched on Netflix starting today, Friday (28/1).

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