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Chanel’s New Project with Caroline de Maigret

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Muse Chanel’s favourite, Caroline de Maigret, collaborated with the French fashion house in launching a site lifestyle named CdMDiary. Where on this site you can be more intimate with Caroline de Maigret about her daily life. Starting from the question fashionfood, music, to all the exciting experiences from the model, author of How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, as well as a fashion icon who is known for his stylish style. French chic.

“The discussion will be deeper, and there will be a lot of information,” explained Caroline de Maigret when interviewed by WWD. “Women ask me a lot about my inspiration, and this site is a combination of my life and Chanel, the things we believe in together. This will be a start, everything is still raw. The influences of different cultures – such as music, books and actors – are becoming something that affects my style.”

Photo source: Sean Thomas / away in style

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